Peyton Manning Has Been Contacted by New Denver Broncos Ownership Group About Potential Role with Team

by Tyler Mansfield

Could Peyton Manning soon have a leadership role within the Denver Broncos‘ organization? It sure seems like it. Truthfully, why hasn’t he already been involved with the organization’s front office? I mean, he is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in Denver.

As the Broncos have been sold to Rob Walton and the Walton-Penner Ownership Group, they are making it a priority to get Manning involved. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Walton and his group have reached out to Manning regarding a possible advisory role with the team. As Schefter noted, the advisory role could potentially lead to him joining the ownership group with an equity stake.

Peyton Manning – who played four seasons with the Broncos from 2012-15 – threw for 17,112 yards and 140 touchdowns in 58 regular-season games. In the postseason, he tallied 1,950 yards and 11 touchdowns. Manning led Denver to four AFC West titles and a win in Super Bowl 50, which was his final NFL game.

Talks of Manning joining the Denver Broncos in a leadership capacity have been ongoing for months. He shared back in October that multiple investors who had planned to bid on the Broncos reached out to him. Manning wants to know what’s going on with his former team, but he ultimately doesn’t know if he wants to work for the organization.

“People are obviously interested. They’re curious,” Manning said. “I care because I live here and I go to the games, and I want to know what’s going to happen like everyone else. But I have no relationship or agreement with anybody.

“Even if I’m offered an opportunity, I haven’t decided if I would even do it. I actually like what I’m doing now. I get to stay close to the game. I’m just taking everything on a one-year-at-a-time basis. Next year, who knows how I’ll feel. But I’ll always be a part of the Broncos, I’ll say that.”

Broncos Sold for a Record Price

It wasn’t cheap for Rob Walton and his group to purchase the Denver Broncos – at all. In order to buy the storied organization, Walton’s team had to pay $4.65 billion. That price happens to be a U.S. sports-franchise record deal. And, for Walton, he’s now the richest owner in the NFL with a net worth of $58 billion.

Walton must’ve really wanted the Broncos if he paid nearly $5 million for it. I mean, he did say in a statement that his ownership group is “thrilled to be selected to move forward with the purchase of the Denver Broncos!”