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Peyton Manning Has Hilarious Response to Technical Difficulty on Broadcast

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)

Perhaps the only thing better than being funny is being funny without even meaning to be. Like Peyton Manning on the ManningCast.

Now, The Sheriff has mostly been a straight-laced kinda guy during his career. No one thinks of Peyton Manning as a wild and crazy guy. However, fans have gotten to see another side of Manning and his brother Eli since the ManningCast came around.

The simulcast featuring the Mannings sitting on the couch and talking shop about the game in front of them on Monday Night Football is TV gold. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

It adds a couple of things that almost always make TV or radio great. It takes the game and makes it more of a conversation. Like two old friends watching football together. Of course, they are brothers and have been playing the sport for years. But, it also adds in two absolute experts in the field. Both Peyton and Eli won two Super Bowls. They are two of the greatest to ever toss a ball.

The intimate feeling of the ManningCast paired up with the expert analysis makes for great TV. Especially because these two are football players. Not TV stars. So, there are mistakes and bloopers every now and then.

However, tonight, while going through a brief technical error, Peyton Manning made a comment for the laugh reel. Check out the highlight below as they said, “Let’s go to Peyton. He’s going to break down that touchdown.”

Peyton came onto the live mic just in time to say, “I can’t hear sh-t.” The timing, impeccable. The line, simple, but hilarious. The reaction afterward? “Nevermind.” Priceless. You honestly couldn’t have written it better than how it played out.

Big Night For Eli and Peyton Manning on ManningCast

When the ManningCast first started, many thought it was an awkward attempt to make a COVID safe simulcast. Throw Peyton Manning and Eli up there via Zoom. See how that goes. However, the show was well done. Not because of the production value, but because of the content.

From the get-go, the show just worked. After it began, there were soon other guests. Some big-name guests as well. However, tonight’s game featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. One of the biggest names in the world as far as entertainment is concerned. Of course, Johnson played football at the University of Miami.

The appearance with The Rock was great. Of course, he is almost always on. He wasn’t over the top or anything, but was funny, interested in the game, and was able to talk a little shop with Eli and Peyton Manning. Is this the biggest star that ManningCast has ever had?