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Peyton Manning Impersonates Jon Gruden on MNF, Simulcast is as Glorious as Expected

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hopefully, football fans switched to Peyton Manning and brother, Eli, doing the simulcast of Monday Night Football.

It was even more football fabulous than advertised. Peyton Manning truly took you behind the scenes. Legendary linebacker Ray Lewis also joined the two former quarterbacks.

Peyton Manning used part of the simulcast to impersonate Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden, otherwise known as “Chucky.” (Think of the doll in the horror movie. One of his former players gave him the nickname). He put on a black Raiders cap and a headset. You decide if he pulled it off.

Sportswriter Vincenzo Landino tweeted “Peyton Manning is so good at this. Dressed up like Gruden on Monday Night Football.”

Then Manning impersonated Gruden back when Gruden was doing his quarterback camp for top NFL prospects. He’d have them break down plays and he’d do the same.

So Peyton Manning found a dry erase board and started drawing up plays like Gruden would do.

Bad News Raiders Fans — Peyton Manning Predicted a Hideous Record Based on First Play

Then on the first offensive series for the Raiders, Peyton Manning promised to predict the season record for Las Vegas based on their first play. It wasn’t a good one.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr threw a short pass towards the sideline. Nothing fancy. The ball ended up bouncing off the hands of receiver Darren Waller.

“This is going to tell me everything I need to know,” Peyton Manning pronounced to the viewers.

Eli quips “incomplete, what does that tell you.”

“Looking at 6-11, 6-11 right now,” Peyton Manning predicted.

The Raiders did move the ball on the opening drive. Problem was, the series stalled badly when it reached the Baltimore 21. Then the Raiders went penalty, incomplete pass, incomplete pass and a fumble. So 6-11? Maybe.

Peyton Manning also told some anecdotes, like the time John Harbaugh’s brother Jim came with him to the home of David Cutcliffe, Peyton’s quarterback coach. Jim Harbaugh asked for a “PB & J sandwich.” Cutcliffe’s wife fixed him one, although she said she hadn’t made one since her kids were eight.

Peyton and Eli signed a unique deal with ESPN for NFL coverage. They’ll do simulcasts for 30 games over the next three years. That’s 10 games a year. The show is called “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli.” And it will air on ESPN2 and ESPN+. Monday night was their first broadcast.

It’s basically two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks and a guest going very inside football on every play. They tell you what’s going on every play, but they use the specific language of football. You may need a glossary of football terms to translate what they’re saying. But if you love the how’s and why’s of football, this is a show for you. It’s like you’re sitting in the same living room with some football greats, watching a game.

Father Archie Manning also was watching the simulcast. As the third quarter started, he sent a message to Peyton to tell him to quit scratching his head. Glorious stuff.