Peyton Manning Just Ended Joe Buck’s Entire Career, Makes Hilarious Cheap Shot

by Thad Mitchell

Largely considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Former NFL All-Pro Peyton Manning is also a pretty funny guy.

Peyton Manning went into the NFL Hall of Fame earlier this after a prolific professional football career. The “Sheriff” played 18 seasons in the NFL. Most of those seasons came with the Indianapolis Colts, a team he would win a Super Bowl with. In the latter stages of his career, Peyton Manning played for the Denver Broncos, with who he is also won a Super Bowl. Manning holds numerous NFL passing records accumulated through his nearly two decades in the league.

Now retired, Peyton Manning has launched into the profession of sports broadcasting. He and his brother, fellow NFL quarterback retiree Eli Manning, have joined ESPN’s Monday Night Football telecast. The tandem goes in-depth about the matchup with their advanced knowledge and understanding of professional football. They also rib each other and practically everyone else associated with football during the broadcast. In the latest Monday Night Football matchup, Peyton Manning had fellow sports broadcaster, Joe Buck, in his crosshairs.

“Peyton Manning just ended Joe Buck’s career on live television,” the tweet proclaims.

The clip is about as vintage as Peyton Manning’s dry sense of humor gets. He jokingly rips Joe Buck’s football analysis skills to the delight of everyone watching the Dalla Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I don’t like having a cohost who knows as much as I do about coverage,” Manning quips. “I need a cohost that knows nothing about defensive coverage — like Joe Buck.”

Peyton Manning Shows No Mercy Upon Joe Buck

Joe Buck has been in the sports broadcast profession for several years. He partners with former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman and the two usually call the biggest matchup of the week for Fox. Peyton Manning says Joe Buck would be his ideal cohost — but not for reasons you would think.

“Troy doesn’t make mistakes very often but when does, Joe doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to coverage,” he says

Their conversation takes a turn as the Philadelphia Eagles score a defensive touchdown — but the damage has been done. The star quarterback was obviously joking and drew the laughter of the Monday Night Football television audience.

While he’s obviously best known for his play on the football field, Peyton Manning might also have a future as a standup comedian. The former quarterback is so funny that he once hosted “Saturday Night Live” and did an incredible job. SNL cast members say he was one of the top hosts to work on the show that season.

Who will Peyton Manning be roasting next week? You’ll have to tune in to Monday Night Football next Monday to find out.