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Peyton Manning Talks With Marshawn Lynch About Famous Golf Cart Incident at California

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Justin Casterline/ Getty Images)

On the second season of Peyton Manning’s show, Peyton’s Places, he rewinds the clock to remember Marshawn Lynch’s hilarious golf cart incident.

Peyton Manning With Marshawn Lynch

Peyton Manning heads over to Oakland Tech to meet up with 34-year-old running back Marshawn Lynch to talk about the infamous golf cart incident that happened while attending the University of Cal Berkeley.

“Let’s just talk about my entrance here, ghost riding the whip,” says Manning in reference to the injury cart that he entered the field on. “Tell me how you got the idea to get into a golf cart and ride around after your game against Washington. Spur of the moment? Now all the endzone dances are scripted. Had you thought about it before?”

The NFL legend recalls the incident and the play that led up to the joy ride.

“I’m really not a scripted kind of dude,” says Lynch. “Over time, I had a touchdown that put us up. So you know, the offense got us a chance to score, and then Desmond got a pick. He wore number ten, too. He ran it back maybe like sixty or seventy yards, and I was like, ‘I’m tired myself,’ and that cart was just sitting right there. Like, ghost ride the whip.”

Marshawn Lynch says the incident didn’t last very long, but he was dodging people, which is another unlikely thing to happen at at a Cal football game.

“I ran and jumped on the cart, so I’m sliding that thing, right. And then people started rushing the field. I’m like, ‘Man, this is Cal. People don’t rush the field here.’ But all these people were just running through, so I’m sliding through that thing. Sus left. Sus right. Come back. Bring that thing back. Sliding, and then it was over after that.”

“Ghost Ride the Whip”

The term “ghost ride the whip” comes from a trend that began in the streets of Oakland where people would blast music in their cars and get out and dance while the car coasted down the road next to them. The “friendly ghost” would drive the whip while you got your groove on.

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