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Peyton Manning Tells Wild Story Behind Biggest-Ever Fight With Eli

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Peyton and Eli Manning prove even brothers, in fact, fight from time-to-time. Not just as kids, but as adults, per the elder Manning.

The duo of former NFL quarterbacks teamed up yet again for ESPN‘s “ManningCast” for the “Monday Night Football” matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots. Bill Simmons, sports personality and Massachusetts native, joined the show during the second quarter of the game.

Simmons answered plenty of questions from Peyton and Eli, but also made sure to ask one of his own.

Peyton Says ‘We Almost Threw Down’

“What’s the biggest fight you guys have ever had?” Simmons asked.

Eli smirked, seemingly knowing exactly which incident Peyton would reference.

“A couple years ago, we were on a golf trip, and I was trying to take a nap,” Peyton said, via the New York Post. “And I was in a corner bed … and he came up behind me, he kind of had me leveraged into a wall, and he gave me a wedgie. He almost went atomic with it.”

Peyton said he wanted to throw down with his brother, but was in too much pain to fight back.

“I was about to be asleep,” Peyton said. “I was so angry, basically because the nap was interrupted. The atomic wedge was an added bonus. He was so proud. We almost threw down, but I was in pain — I couldn’t fight real well, Bill.”

Making matters worse, the underwear Eli ripped just so happened to be Peyton’s favorite.

“He said it was his favorite underwear that I ripped, Bill, and he was upset about that, too. ‘This is my favorite underwear!’ And then he totally ripped them off, eventually,” Eli said.

Monday’s broadcast provided many stories, as well as some less than flattering play. So much that at one point in the second quarter, Peyton nearly decided he’d had enough. After Mac Jones and Kevin Harris botched a handoff exchange, Peyton rose to his feet and teased walking off the set.