PGA Championship 2021: Watch as Someone Hysterically Farts Over Friday Broadcast Several Times

by Evan Reier

Look, we’re not here to make anyone feel bad. But the PGA Championship broadcast featured a flurry of farts that just couldn’t be ignored.

We get it. You’re out at Kiawah Island for a long day of broadcasting the 2021 PGA Championship. Besides an occasional three-minute commercial break, you don’t really have a chance to hit the restroom.

But the nature of a golf broadcast is that it is fairly quiet (save for the crazy Sunday drama we’re hopefully going to see in a couple days.) And if you’ve got to let some wind out, maybe try and save it for a better moment than Cam Davis finishing his round on the 18th green.

Before we break this down further, enjoy.

“Long day from the hard working ESPN/CBS crew. Someone near an open mic is either snoring or had too many black beans at lunch.” longtime golf reporter Geoff Shackelford captioned.

Scott Van Pelt’s golf broadcasting on ESPN is exceptional. Knowledgeable but also entertaining, SVP’s mettle was tested on this one. However, the veteran ESPN broadcaster stays strong and doesn’t acknowledge the toots.

We do think its commendable that whoever was laying down the farts just didn’t care once they got going. Maybe they didn’t realize. But if they did and said, “You know what, I’m gonna finish what I’ve started,” that’s the definition of being comfortable in your own skin. And with your own farts.

Fans React to the PGA Championship Snafu

It should come as no shock that people were all over the clip. After all, something that goofy on one of golf’s biggest stages is only asking for peanut gallery jokes.

As we mentioned above, some fans complimented Scott Van Pelt for not cracking up or breaking stride during the PGA Championship broadcast.

“SVP was undeterred. What a professional.” @AdamWOThompo wrote.

However, one fan theorizes that it was Scott Van Pelt himself who was breaking wind.

“Sounds like that may have been Van Pelt given the short, choppy, commentary.” @Scall1968 said.

Well, he has a point. It’s not exactly the smoothest commentary from SVP ever. But the jury is still out on this one.

One fan, @Mauch64, referenced the world-famous pimento cheese sandwiches at the Masters.

“Normally you hear that at The Masters after a patron ingests a couple of Pimento Cheese sandwiches but at the PGA which serves normal fare it is a bit unexpected.”

The case of the Kiawah cheese-cutter is still not solved. But you can bet your butt we’re watching (and listening) closely for any new developments.