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PGA Tour Golfer Hits Spectacular Shot, Falls in the Bunker in Hilarious Fashion at Valspar Championship

by Dustin Schutte
cameron percy
(Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

There may not be a more frustrating feeling in sports than a PGA Tour player making the game of golf look easy. It gives the rest of us unnecessary hope the next time we hit the links. So, when a professional has that moment that makes him relatable, we all celebrate.

Cameron Percy became the latest to receive the “one of us” treatment. During the Friday round at the Valspar Championship, Percy fell into the bunker after hitting a ridiculously difficult shot.

Percy needed to get down on one knee to hit a tricky shot out of the bunker. The 48-year-old struggled to keep his balance after the swing and fell face-first into the sand.

Percy’s attempt to keep his balance — by merely flailing his arms about — almost worked. Unfortunately, his best efforts fell short.

Hey, at least the golf ball landed on the green. Most of us probably would’ve face-planted in the sand with the ball buried like a fried egg. Maybe he’s not exactly “one of us” after all.

Percy carded a 1-over-par through the first two rounds of the Valspar Championship, making the weekend cut.

PGA Tour’s Scottie Scheffler Might Also be ‘One of Us’

Not everyone loves watching golf. But if there’s one aspect of the sport that draws in the non-viewers, it’s the menu at The Masters.

Each year, the previous year’s winner selects the meal for the Champions Dinner. After putting on the green jacket last April, Scottie Scheffler created his menu for this year’s event. Man, is it relatable.

Scheffler’s appetizer choices steal the show. The world’s No. 1 player ordered up cheeseburger sliders and firecracker shrimp. That’s the kind of every-man starter platter we love to see.

The soup choice doesn’t disappoint either, with Scheffler selecting tortilla as part of the meal. Then comes the main course.

Champions have the choice of Texas ribeye steak or blackened redfish. For sides? Scheffler put macaroni and cheese, jalapeno creamed corn, fried brussels sprouts and seasoned fries on the menu.

Scheffler ends his selections with a warm chocolate chip skillet cookie for dessert. That will be served with milk and cookies ice cream.

Just going over the menu has our stomach’s rumbling.

Scheffler isn’t the first champion to select this type of menu for the Champions Dinner at Augusta. But it’s still pretty fun to see that he enjoys the same food as the rest of us — even at one of the most important dinners of the year.