PGA Tour Star Rory McIlroy Takes Another Shot at LIV Golf, Says ‘There’s No Room in the Golf World’ for New League

by Patrick Norton

It’s the story that never quits. Rory McIlroy’s endless shouting into the void continues as The Open approaches. The topic of the PGA Tour‘s defectors to the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league grinds the gears of the four-time major champion. Last week, McIlroy said, “Don’t try and come back and play over here again.”

The 33-year-old finds himself back in headlines ahead of the Open Championship in St. Andrews beginning Thursday. In a preview of a full-interview with McIlroy, CBS Sports’ Kyle Porter shares one key line from the golfer. The 2014 Open Championship victor says, “There’s no room in the golf world for LIV Golf. I don’t agree with what LIV is doing. If LIV went away tomorrow I’d be super happy.”

It’s the harshest slam against the league from a reputable name. However, it’s far from the only criticism the new league faces. Fred Couples won’t even speak to the original PGA defector, Phil Mickelson. Couples, 62, hardly recognizes his old friend, saying, “Have you ever seen Phil look so stupid in his life? They know it’s a joke.”

The cold-hearted slams against LIV differs from McIlroy’s original approach of acceptance and empathy. Instead, as LIV continues stealing headlines from the PGA, the Irishman’s hard stance brings a fiery relevance to the league ahead of a partisan clash in Scotland beginning Thursday.

Rory McIlroy Shares Similar Opinion with The Open’s Hosts

The golfer understands the distraction LIV Golf creates with just its presence at a major tournament. The R&A disinvited LIV Golf’s CEO Greg Norman from participating in the upcoming weekend’s celebration, citing the inability to enjoy the weekend’s festivities without addressing the Saudi-sized elephant in the room.

In a statement, the club says, “The 150th Open is an extremely important milestone for golf and we want to ensure that the focus remains on celebrating the Championship and its heritage. Unfortunately, we do not believe that would be the case if Greg were to attend.” Subsequently, Norman called the club’s decision “petty.”