Phil Mickelson Dunks on Golf Channel Host After Post About His ‘Bizzare’ PGA Tour Season

by John Jamison
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Forget The Match, remember earlier this year when 50-year old PGA legend Phil Mickelson added another major win to his resume? In doing so, Lefty became the oldest golfer in history to win a major tournament. We remember it like it was yesterday. But apparently, Golf Channel host Shane Bacon is undermining greatness. He tweeted recently, calling Phil Mickelson’s PGA season “bizarre.” What did Phil do in response? Well, he let Shane know what’s up.

In fairness, Shane Bacon is fully aware that Mickelson won the PGA Championship at Kiawah in May. And it’s safe to assume he understands the impact of such an achievement better than most. The point he was trying to make is not lost on us. But hilariously, Phil Mickelson took the opportunity to flex his historic accomplishment. His reply to Bacon’s tweet ratioed the Golf Channel host out of the water.

“This Phil Mickelson season is going to go down as one of the most bizarre in PGA Tour history,” Bacon began the tweet.

“Whatever, I won the PGA,” as Mickelson’s response has already racked up 11,500 likes in an hour. Compare that to the 1,300 likes earned by Shane Bacon’s initial tweet, and it’s clear where people stand on the PGA legend.

He’s completely unbothered by the fact that his season outside of the PGA Championship was less than stellar. You’d have to ask him to know for sure, but at 50 years of age, Phil Mickelson would likely trade one major win for three or four regular events every day of the week. The win at Kiawah gave him a total of six major wins in his career, a number that places him in the top 15 golfers of all time. The only major that eludes him still is the U.S. Open.

Fans Weigh In on the Hilarious Exchange Between Shane Bacon and Phil Mickelson

Naturally, golf fans were quick to throw their two cents into the conversation. Some of the replies led to some great content.

For example, Phil Mickelson himself chimed in on one of the replies. The Twitter user emphasized the fact that winning majors is what counts. Phil found a way to back him up while flexing once again.

“Anytime you win a major its an exceptionally successful year. What would elevate his career more in the history books…2 or 3 pga tour wins or another major victory? We all know that answer!!” a Twitter user wrote.

But more than a few people came down on Shane Bacon’s side in the replies.

“Regardless, it is still bizarre…I mean he missed so many cuts, kind of crazy that he won the PGA. Like he was a different person for those four days. Then he was back to his missing fairways, missing putts, and Mr. Double Bogie which would always ruin his round,” another wrote.

Bizarre, not bizarre. It doesn’t really seem to matter to Phil. He made history.