Phil Mickelson Responds to Tiger Woods’ Negative Comments About LIV Golf: ‘I Certainly Respect His Opinion’

by Bryan Fyalkowski

The golfing world was aflame earlier this week when Tiger Woods shared his thoughts on LIV Golf prior to one of his practice rounds at The Open Championship.

“What these players are doing for guaranteed money, what’s the incentive to practice?” Woods said on Tuesday. “What’s the incentive to go out there and earn it in the dirt? You’re just getting paid a lot of money up front and playing a few events and playing 54 holes. They’re playing blaring music and have all these atmospheres that are different.”

On Thursday, Phil Mickelson – one of LIV Golf’s most prominent participants – was asked about Woods’ comments. The lefty’s press conference occurred after he shot E in his opening round on the Old Course at St Andrews. And if you were rooting for some drama, you will be disappointed.

“I have a lot of respect for him and I certainly respect his opinion,” Mickelson said, via ESPN. “I think everybody’s going to have strong emotions and opinions about it, and I certainly respect his.”

The 52-year-old is a six-time major champion on the PGA Tour, including most recently the 2021 PGA Championship on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Phil Mickelson was also asked about how he was feeling about his decision to defect to LIV Golf this year.

“I couldn’t be happier, I think it’s been really good,” he explained. “The experience of those events from a player standpoint is a 10. You can’t get it any better. Look, it’s not my job to explain or help you understand or whatever. It’s just, I couldn’t be happier.”

Unlike Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods Not a Fan of LIV Golf

Although Phil Mickelson says he is happy, it is no secret that a lot of players who have stayed on the PGA Tour have had no shortage of comments opposing LIV Golf. Some of their biggest problems with it are the lack of competitiveness, tradition and legacy.

Since LIV Golf began, the defectors have been suspended from playing in PGA Tour events. But – other than the PGA Championship – major championships are not hosted by the PGA Tour, so the LIV Golf participants have been allowed to compete. Woods warned that it might not be the case in the future.

“Some of these players may not ever get a chance to play in major championships,” he explained. “That is a possibility. We don’t know that for sure yet. It’s up to all the major championship bodies to make that determination.”

He continued: “Some players will never, ever get a chance to play in a major championship. They’ll never get a chance to experience [playing at St Andrews] or walking down the fairways at Augusta National.”