Philadelphia Eagles 13-Year-Old Mega-Fan Sends Amazing Message to Carson Wentz: ‘You’re Still My Idol’

by Thad Mitchell

Just as many of us are, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is having a rough go of it in 2020. Wentz is struggling mightily in this NFL season and ranks dead last in several quarterback categories. He will now head to the Eagles’ bench as he is being replaced by rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts in the starting lineup.

Since making Wentz the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft, the Eagles have touted the quarterback as the face of the franchise. Wentz has mostly lived up to that expectation through his four seasons, even getting MVP consideration in 2017 before an injury. There isn’t much of a way to explain the quarterback’s struggles this season but he now is relegated to the second team behind Hurts.

Though Wentz is now on the bench, there is at least one Eagles fan that still believes in him. A 13-year-old named Giovanni Hamilton took to social media earlier this week to provide some encouragement to Wentz. In the video, Hamilton reiterates his support for his favorite player, calling him a hero.

“You are still my hero. You are still my idol,” the caption says.

Eagles Fan Directs Inspirational Video to Carson Wentz

Wearing a black and green Carson Wentz jersey, Hamilton spills his heart in support of the player he calls his hero.

“Hey guys, this video is to Carson,” he starts out. “I don’t know if you will see this because you don’t do social media and I know for sure you don’t listen to my podcast.”

With his thick frame glasses, blonde hair and soft voice, Hamilton peppers Wentz with an emotional message.

“Dude, I just wanted to say you are still my hero,” he says peering into the camera. “You are still my idol. I look up to you. You’re going to get through this. You are like Rocky and I am like Mickey.”

The young Eagles fan concludes the video by saying he will be cheering on Jalen Hurts this weekend because it is what Wentz would do.

“I want to be like you,” he says candidly. “Go Birds!”