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Watch: Philadelphia Eagles Fans Brawl at First Game Back in Stadium

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Philadelphia Eagles fans will be Philadelphia Eagles fans… To no one’s surprise, a fight amongst fans of the Eagles and fans of Baltimore Ravens broke out during yesterday’s NFL game between the teams. The fight was caught on video by an onlooker in the stands.

The video shows a man wearing a Carson Wentz Jersey climbing down several rows of seats. Carson Wentz is the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. The man then begins throwing punches at another man who appears to be wearing a Baltimore Ravens Jersey. Several punches are thrown between the two before another Philadephia Eagle jersey-wearing fan joins in.

The fight went on for several seconds before being broken up by other fans in attendance at the game. At the end of the 17-second video, a person can be heard yelling “Go Birds,” which is the battle cry of Philly fans. There did not appear to be any serious injuries to the combatants.

It isn’t apparent from the video what started the fight but it likely stems from the Eagles’ early season struggles. The team has only one win on the young season and suffered another loss on Sunday to the Ravens. The Ravens were leading the eagles when the fight broke out.

Eagles Allow Fans For First Time This Year

The melee comes during the first game that fans have been allowed back at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles’ homefield. The team’s previous games have seen empty stands as fan were not allowed to attend due to COVID-19 precautions. The Eagles organization was only recently given the green light to allow a limited number of fans into the stadium, according to TMZ.

Fans were encouraged to take extra safety measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but judging by the video, social distancing regulations were broken. Fans were supposed to stay in their sections and wear masks during the game. It did not appear that any fans in the melee were wearing masks.