Philadelphia Eagles Fans Worried At Halftime During MNF As Commanders Lead

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Uh-oh. The upset alarm is officially sounding off on Monday Night Football as the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles are trailing at halftime. That has a lot of fans nervous. With an NFL best 8-0 record, the Eagles found the offense of the Washington Commanders, yes the Commanders, to be a bit too much in the first half. They had a 20-14 lead.

The Philadelphia Eagles started the game with a great defensive progression. They forced a three-and-out situation that was erased by a roughing the kicker penalty. Then, they forced a fumble and took control with a short field. It really looked like the Eagles were going to outclass the Commanders.

That did not happen.

Every time Washington had the ball, they kept moving upfield. There was nothing that the defense could do to stop them. Taylor Heinicke might just be the answer for the Commanders. This has Philly fans freaking out.

Philadelphia Eagles Fans Can’t Believe It

One Philadelphia Eagles fan just doesn’t understand what is happening. When you look at these two teams and the seasons that they have had, it’s insane to see this result in the first half. Heinicke threw 12/20 for 145 yards and it was great. But, what’s the deal?

“Didn’t realize the Commanders had the greatest offense of all time,” the fan said. “Either that or the Eagles D has been lucky for 8 weeks when making stops.”

Two touchdowns and two field goals had the Commanders running over the Eagles 20-14. Really, nothing was working for that Philly defense. A lot of fans had suggestions, though.

“Run the ball on the Eagles is how you beat them,” someone else tweeted. “Chew the clock and play good defense. Eagles had the ball for 6 mins.”

You better believe that Jonathan Gannon is getting called out, too. No way that the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles wasn’t going to catch some strays.

“[Eagles] have only had 19 plays and that is greatly attributed to Jonathan Gannon’s swiss cheese defense,” a fan said. “Miles Sanders has 1 carry and Boston Scott has 1 carry. The good news is they are kind of still in the game. Though they look like they have no confidence at all due to Gannon.”

The Philadelphia Eagles need a massive change in the second half if they want to remain undefeated.