Philadelphia Eagles HC Nick Sirianni Hurls ‘F Bomb’ at Dallas Cowboys Bench: VIDEO

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

On Sunday night, a fight broke out between Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys players in the closing moments of the primetime matchup. Not long after, cameras captured Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni visibly angered by the Cowboys. Thanks to high-definition footage, we know exactly what Sirianni screamed at Dallas’ bench and we’ll just say it wasn’t complimentary.

As the final minutes ran down inside of Lincoln Financial Field, Philly had already secured a 26-17 victory. The win continues the team’s undefeated season and takes the Eagles to an NFL-leading 6-0 record. However, tempers flared in the NFC East rivalry toward the end of the game.

During one of the last plays of the game, Cowboys defensive lineman Osa Odighizuwa got into a scuffle with Eagles tackle Jason Kelce. Odighizuwa grabbed Kelce around the legs as he tried to stand up after a play as the defender took him down. That’s when several players from each team got into a shoving match, which sparked head coach Nick Sirianni’s heated sideline reaction.

In fact, NBC’s broadcast caught Sirianni screaming at the refs to eject Odighizuwa from the game. After that, he was seen pointing at and yelling toward the Dallas Cowboys sideline. “That’s game… f**k you!” Sirianni was filmed yelling at his opponents.

After his sideline outburst, cameras also followed Nick Sirianni during his walk to the locker room after the game. In an amusing moment caught on film, the head coach mocked the Cowboys when shouting out, “How ’bout them Eagles?” Sirianni is clearly fired up about his team’s impressive run to begin the 2022 season. For now, his trash talk on and off the field is justified as long as Philly keeps winning.

Nick Sirianni Explains His Outburst at the End of the Eagles-Cowboys Game

Following the Eagles’ big win against their division rivals, head coach Nick Sirianni addressed the media. During Philadelphia’s postgame press conference, reporters asked the 41-year-old coach about the late-game scuffle and his reaction.

“You know, I’m always gonna stick up for our guys. I get animated… I was mad about the extracurricular activities. And hey, I’m always going to stick up for our guys,” Nick Sirianni said to reporters.

“You may have saw me in the Jets game this preseason and they hit Jalen (Hurts) out of bounds and I reacted very similarly. I’m sure we weren’t angels in that confrontation right there (tonight), right? I’m sure we had something to do with that a little bit as well,” Sirianni admitted. “There was a little scuffle right there and I’m going to stick up for our guys. That’s just who I am. I love these guys. This is my family.”

The Philadelphia Eagles will look to continue their unbeaten season in Week 7 when they welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers to town on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles will be heavily favored and might just be looking at a 7-0 start after this coming weekend’s games.