CHECK IT OUT: Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets Roll Out Beautiful, Black Alternate Helmets

by Bryan Fyalkowski

The Rolling Stones would be happy with the new helmets from the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets. With their alternate helmets for the upcoming 2022 season, the Eagles and Jets are both ditching their green domes and painting them black.

Philadelphia wanted to bring back its 1990’s-style Kelly green uniform and helmets, but the team says Nike did not have that shade in the company’s color palette. So, while Kelly green is put on the shelf until next year, the Eagles’ players are happy with black.

“It’s something the majority of us as players always wanted – just a little change in uniform,” wide receiver DeVonta Smith said while modeling the new helmet. “I like the shininess of the black. It’s something different to add to the all-black [fits].”

New York, meanwhile, is calling their helmets “Stealth Black.” Unlike the Eagles’ ones, they are not monochromatic – they have both the “JETS” decal and face mask in green.

“When I put that all-black on plus the black helmet, I instantly feel like Spider-Man when he became Venom,” linebacker Quincy Williams said.

The Jets says they will wear the helmets with an all-black uniform for three home games in 2022. Facing the New England Patriots on October 30, against the Chicago Bears on November 27 and vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars on December 22.

Meanwhile, the Eagles say their all-black games will be announced at a later date. Philadelphia enjoyed a 2-0 record in those uniforms in 2021 against the Giants and Saints. The team defeated both New York and New Orleans by double digits in those contests.

Cincinnati Joins Eagles, Jets – Unveils New “White Bengal” Helmets

Back on July 14, the Cincinnati Bengals teased: “Coming Soon. #WhiteBengal” on social media. Everybody knew what that meant, but the team still felt like they had to wait a week to actually drop the helmets.

Making their fans wait was unnecessary, but I bet their supporters will forgive the franchise. Because they are B-E-A-utiful.

NFL fans are loving all of these new helmet options. Teams report to their respective training camps soon in preparation for the 2022 campaign.