Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Stuns Fans with Massive Touchdown Run

by Jonathan Howard

When an NFL quarterback comes into his own right before your eyes, it’s special. Philadelphia Eagles passer Jalen Hurts had a huge TD run. Fans didn’t even know how to react. It was a night where Hurts was cooking through the air, but then he started to hit the ground running.

The former Alabama and Oklahoma quarterback was highly touted out of school. It just takes a while for some players to get used to the league. Rarely do you see a QB show off their vision, speed, athleticism, toughness, and determination all in the same play.

Jalen Hurts did it though, and these Vikings were on the wrong end of this coming-out party.

Jalen Hurts Sends Fans into a Frenzy

When it comes to fan bases, Philadelphia is one of the toughest and hardest cities to compete in. There are haters and detractors everywhere. If you aren’t competing at an elite level, they don’t want you. Well, Jalen Hurts was putting on a masterclass and the Philly faithful loved it.

We all saw the play. That run was insane. He looks over his reads, doesn’t see anything he likes, moves to get a good path, fights through an entire secondary at the goalline, and well – touchdown! This fan’s mind is blown!

Now if there is one thing I will encourage, it’s fans getting creative! Don’t have time to look up that meme or gif that would be perfect for the moment? One simply doesn’t exist? Draw your own! Jalen Hurts going Super Saiyan out here against the Vikings.

Monday Night Football Produces Tons of Touchdowns

When you break it down, Monday Night Football has been great. Fans didn’t know about the doubleheader-overlap situation. However, plays like that run from Jalen Hurts, not to mention Stefon Diggs in Buffalo running up the score – well we can forgive scheduling changes.

Fans were ready to take in some primetime football action. They got it tonight. Hurts was in his bag all night. Short passes, long routes, tucking and running – he did it all. After his early career struggles, it looks like Philly fans have a real star taking snaps now.