WATCH: Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Gardner Minshew Reveals His Unique Living Situation

by Dustin Schutte

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Gardner Minshew doesn’t need a big house, fast car or expensive toys to enjoy life. Give him a bus, an acoustic guitar and a chance to travel around and he’s as happy as a clam.

The 26-year-old NFL quarterback revealed through Instagram this week that he’s been living on his bus for the past several months. It’s not the lavish-style home you might see from your typical professional athlete, but that’s what Minshew loves about his accommodations.

“Since February of this year, I have been living in my bus. Mostly at my gym @ctpswfl , some at our practice facility in Philly, and a whole bunch of places in between,” Minshew

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Minshew sounds like a pretty down-to-earth character. He’s been that way since his college days at Washington State, when he became beloved by everyone because of his cannon-like arm and retro-looking mustache.

While living in a bus served Minshew well during the offseason, the quarterback announced a major change is coming. …

Gardner Minshew Plans to Sell His Bus

Now that training camp has arrived across the NFL, it’s time for Gardner Minshew to part ways with his beloved bus … and home. The quarterback revealed that he plans to sell the house-on-wheels to a good home.

“I am selling my baby in Philly,” he wrote. “This former inmate transport bus has been completely rehabilitated and would be perfect as a tailgater (for Birds games), semi or permanent residence, and obviously and most tastefully as a love shack baby.”

Minshew said that it received great reviews during its latest inspection. The bus has logged around 146,000 miles on the road and he’s putting it up for sale for $25,000. To close out his post, you can tell Minshew’s home for the past five months still holds some sentimental value.

“More than anything, I just want to see her in a nice and loving home,” he wrote.