PHOTO: Bears Fans’ Bachelor Party Pulls Up to Falcons Game Wearing Matching Mike Ditka Costumes

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo By Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

If all the best bachelorette parties are in Nashville, then the best bachelor parties are at Chicago Bears games with Mike Ditka look-a-likes. This group of NFL fans proved that the guys could get creative. A group of friends each rocked a sweater vest, dress shirt with ties, and sunglasses to top off the entire look.

Of course, each Mike Ditka clone had their own aviator glasses and mustaches to boot. We are not going to comment on the quality of each stache, because really it is the effort that counts. The fact that they were able to get so many people to join in on the festivities is impressive.

Check it out.

If you were watching the game on TV, you might have even seen these Bears fans in the stands. They were pretty easy to spot in their attire. While Chicago has a 3-8 record, they are an exciting team at times. Justin Fields has turned into a real star and his play alone makes the Bears must-watch on Sundays.

In Atlanta, the Falcons were able to keep pace with the offense. While there were almost 20 Mike Ditkas in the stands, Ditka wasn’t out there making the play calls. A few missed plays and missed opportunities later, and the Falcons were able to put this game away.

Mike Ditka Bachelor Party Can’t Help Bears

While there are some good offensive weapons on the Bears squad, the rest of the team is just not good. When your quarterback takes hits all the time and is pressured within a couple of seconds each snap – bad things happen. Justin Fields can only do so much if his offensive line doesn’t hold up.

What really took this game away from Chicago was the special teams touchdown that Atlanta had. Although those Mike Ditka look-a-likes gave the Bears a section of hollering fans, it wasn’t enough. The noise on the road, combined with the mistakes that the team made doomed them in the end.

While Mike Ditka inspired these fans to do something great, the team couldn’t deliver the same result. Chicago needs to get Fields some help before he ends up broken. His play as of late has been astounding.