PHOTO: Cincinnati Bengals Fan Has the Perfect Playoff Beard

by Joe Rutland

Fans of sports teams are known to be excitable souls come playoff time. But this Cincinnati Bengals fan might just take the prize himself.

On Saturday, this fan’s beloved Bengals were playing the Tennessee Titans in an AFC Divisional Round game in Nashville, Tenn. He obviously was pleased with his team’s 9-6 halftime lead but we should remind him that National Football League games are two halves, not one.

He probably would not mind the reminder as he was going to cheer on his team no matter what. Let us take a look and see how he looked while cheering on his Cincinnati Bengals.

Man, that’s a lot of beer right there. We only think that Homer Simpson, were he there, would have that many cans of Duff Beer or more on him.

Cincinnati Benglas Fan Got Some Comments Aimed In His Direction on Social Media

And don’t think fans who saw this Cincinnati Bengals fan were not ready to share their opinions. Everybody has one, you know, and these were no exception.

Their comments included: “Beerd”, “now this pic goes hard”, “Rare sighting of a bengals fan”, “He’s gonna need every single one of those based on how this game is going.”, and “That’s a really cool beerd he’s got!”

So, it had been more than three decades since the Bengals had won an NFL playoff game until last week. In the AFC Wild-Card Round, quarterback Joe Burrow led the team to a 26-19 win over the Las Vegas Raiders in Cincinnati. The win sent them off to play in Nashville on Saturday. Their fans, obviously, found a way to be there in person and cheer on their team.

Should the Bengals hold on and beat Tennessee, then they would face either the Buffalo Bills or Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. Of course, the Titans have something to say about that, too, in the game’s second half.

Should Cincinnati Win, It Might Set Them on Possible Collision Course With 49ers

Here is one potential storyline that Cincinnati Bengals fans might be looking at in their telescopes. Cincinnati did win the AFC championship back in 1981 and 1988, advancing to the Super Bowl both years. But they would lose both games to the San Francisco 49ers.

Guess who also is in the NFC Divisional Round? That’s right, the 49ers. They got there after defeating the Dallas Cowboys in an NFC Wild-Card Game.

Again, all of this is dependent on both teams winning their NFL playoff games on Saturday and next week. Yes, those are some big “ifs” out there. The words “stay tuned” really are in effect for the Cincinnati Bengals.