PHOTO: Cleveland Browns Unveil Wild ‘Brownie the Elf’ Midfield Logo

by Nick Geddes

The Cleveland Browns will feature an alternate logo at midfield for their Week 2 matchup against the New York Jets on Sunday. The popular “Brownie the Elf” logo will make its debut — satisfying fans who have been asking to see it.

The people — as they say — had spoken. The Browns — in turn — listened.

“Brownie the Elf” will be the first logo to feature at midfield of FirstEnergy Stadium since 2016. The Browns were previously the only team in the league not to feature a logo at midfield.

“Brownie the Elf” was the victor of a fan poll the team conducted to determine which logo should be on the field at midfield. The logo overwhelmingly won out.

“We’re super excited about the new midfield logo,” said JW Johnson, Browns Executive Vice President and Partner. “We really wanted to engage our fans in the process, and they are — as I’ve said multiple times — undefeated. They’re the best in the league, best in the NFL and, candidly, some of the best in sports. We really wanted to get their involvement and hear what they have to say. We were able to pull off the new logo with the old school Brownie logo.”

‘Brownie the Elf’ Rises From the Dead

The Browns utilized the logo early into the franchise’s original existence. In the 1960s, team owner Art Modell deemed the logo childish and placed it in the archives.

Nostalgia sells, however, and the logo has experienced a rebirth of sorts in the past few years.

“We love the helmet logo, but Brownie has been around for a long time,” Johnson said. “I think people enjoy him, and we haven’t really showcased him as much as we’d like to. Between myself and [Browns Senior Vice President of Marketing & Media)] Brent Rossi, we decided that we should bring him back. It’s been well-received.”