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PHOTO: Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Buys Wine from Texas Convenience Store

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

The 2020 National Football League season did not go the way Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hoped it would.

Now it appears Jones is attempting to drown his sorrow with a bottle of wine purchased from a convenience store. Why a billionaire and NFL team owner is buying cheap wine from a convenience store in anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, visual evidence exists that Jones was doing just that recently at a Texas store.

A Kansas City Chiefs fan spotted Jones purchasing the adult beverage and was able to talk him into a photo op. The fan, who is wearing Chiefs garb, stands next to Jones in the photo. Both are wearing COVID-19 protective face masks as they interact with each other. He appears to be holding a bottle of wine in each hand as he poses for the photo.

“Just met Jerry Jones at the gas station in Prosper,” the fan writes in the Twitter post. “He even says he felt bad for Mahomes and Go Mean Green.”

The random encounter took on popularity in the social media sphere, where posters enjoy seeing the extraordinary doing the ordinary. It doesn’t get much more ordinary than purchasing a bottle of wine at a gas station. The tweet took in more than 1,300 “likes” along with hundreds of retweets and quote tweets.

Jerry Jones Hoping for Brighter Cowboys Future

Jones has been the owner, president and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys franchise since 1989. He’s won three Super Bowls with the team and went to the playoffs on several occasions. The team has fallen on hard times as of late, including an abysmal 2020 season. They went 6-10 on the year and finished third in the underwhelming NFC East ahead of only the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cowboys were riddled with injuries throughout the year and struggled mightily to stop anyone on defense. Likely the most costly occurred to star quarterback Dak Prescott. The quarterback suffered a season-ending injury early in the year as the Cowboys offense never really got rolling.

Now in the offseason and in training mode, Jerry Jones and his Cowboys team are hoping for a different result this year.