PHOTO: Indiana University Has Epic Flag Fail Week After Jersey Flub

by Leanne Stahulak

Indiana University just can’t catch a break. Although, they really have no one else to blame for TWO major mishaps within the first few weeks of the college football season.

Last week, IU went viral over a misspelled jersey on freshman runningback David Holloman. The university’s official Twitter account tweeted a photo of Holloman as he ran onto the field with the rest of the Hoosiers. Only, his iconic red and white uniform didn’t say “Indiana” on the front. It read “Indinia” instead.

Indiana University quickly deleted the tweet from its social media page. But it was too late. The photo made the rounds online, turning IU into a laughingstock during the first week of the college football season. It also didn’t help that they played terribly that game, trailing Iowa by 28 points by halftime. They eventually lost to the Hawkeyes 34-6.

Now, the university strikes again with another face-palm-worthy effort. According to On3, Indiana University triumphed over Idaho on Saturday 56-14. But when they went to hoist their school flag in victory, the flag was upside down. See for yourself in the tweet below.

Maybe Week 3 will finally be Indiana University’s week. Maybe.

Luckily, they played better against Idaho than they did against the Iowa Hawkeyes. The Hoosiers succeeded in running the ball 179 for three touchdowns, per On3. Though, quarterback Michael Phenix completed only 6 out of 8 pass attempts for 61 yards. We’ll see how he matches up against No.7 school, Cincinnati, this weekend.

Indiana University’s Memorial Stadium Sells Out Seats in Recent and Upcoming Matches

Last year, stadiums stood empty during the pandemic even as college football teams played on. Now, fans are back and ready for action with the 2021-2022 college football season kicking off last weekend.

According to Fox59, Indiana University’s Memorial Stadium filled almost to the brim during their home opener against Idaho. The outlet reports that this is the first time the stadium’s reached almost full capacity since 2019, at more than 50,000.

Plus, next week’s game against Cincinnati has already sold out on tickets, which hasn’t happened in four years for IU.

Packed stadiums for Indiana University football games also mean packed restaurants and bars before and after the game. Patrick Tamm, President & CEO of the Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association, talked with Fox59 about the economic impact a sold-out stadium can have.

“You’re talking an unbelievable; multiple millions of dollars. I’m not talking five, I’m not talking 20, I’m talking north of 40 for that type of economic impact for a home football game,” Tamm said. “Think about those dynamics… they don’t typically show up right before kickoff either. So, it’s a weekend. People love their college sports and spending money while they’re in town.”

Hopefully, restaurants across Indiana and the nation will feel an economic boost as more stadiums fill up with fans eager to get back into the swing of things.