PHOTO: Michael Phelps Goes Full Model Mode in New Snap From Tokyo 2020 Olympics

by Samantha Whidden

Following his interview on the Today show this morning, swimming superstar Michael Phelps took to his Instagram to share some snaps of the special appearance in Tokyo. 

“❤️ being with @hodakotb and @savannahguthrie on @todayshow! Always good to hang and chat!! 🇺🇸 #usa #olympics2021,” Michael Phelps wrote in the caption, which features him posing in one pic and hanging out with Today’s Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. 

Michael Phelps has a total of 28 Olympic medals, 23 are gold, spanning over the course of four Olympic Games, starting in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Although he retired after the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, Michael returned for the 2016 Olympic Games in  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Phelps announced his second retirement in August 2016. 

During his interview with Today, Michael Phelps says he has been asked many times if he will return to swimming. He admits that he has no desire to get in the water. But, he does say that if his sons ask why he’s not competing, he answers, “We’ll see what the answer is then. Anything for my kids.

Michael Phelps Discusses His Mental Health 

In a May 2020 interview with ESPN, Michael Phelps shares more details about his mental health. He has been notably outspoken about his struggles since before the 2016 Olympic Games. “Before the 2016 Rio De Janerio Olympics, I shared my mental issues publicly for the first time, It wasn’t easy to admit I wasn’t perfect,” Phelps explains. He also says that by opening up, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his back. 

“It made life easier. Now I’m opening up again. I want people to know they’re not alone,” Michael Phelps states. The former Olympian then reveals that many people are fighting their “mental health demons” now more than ever. “The thing is – the people who live with mental issues all know this – it’s never going away. You have good days and bad. But there’s never a finish line.”

Michael Phelps then says he has done so many interviews after the Rio Games where the story was usually about him opening up about depression and how he went into a treatment program, then won his last Olympics, and now it’s all better for him. “I wish that were the truth,” he admits. “I wish it were that easy. But honestly, and I mean this in the nicest way possible – that’s just ignorant.”

Phelps then says that he believes that the media is part of the reason why he struggled mentally for years. “[The media] dragooned through the dirt for everything I did wrong over the years and trust me, I know there was plenty,” Michael states. He also notes that he hasn’t been cured and his struggles will never fully go away. “It’s something where I’ve had to accept it, learn to deal with, and make it a priority in my life. And yes, that’s a hell of a lot easier said than done,” he adds.