PHOTO: Peyton Manning Rocks Chad Powers Shirt During Monday Night Football’s ManningCast

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

It didn’t take long for things to get going on this Monday’s edition of ESPN‘s “ManningCast.”

Viewers tuning into ESPN2 to watch the alternate broadcast of the New York Giants (2-0) vs. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) were treated to Peyton Manning rockin’ a Chad Powers t-shirt. And wouldn’t you know it, he wore it in the presence of Powers himself.

Brothers Peyton and Eli Manning are in year-two of their tenure at ESPN doing the “ManningCast.” Eli also hosts “Eli’s Places”, a project on ESPN+ that follows the former quarterback visiting college football programs around the country.

In this most recent episode, he crashes walk-on tryouts incognito. In a hilarious-looking disguise, Eli Manning walked around the campus of Penn State as Chad Powers — and the results are phenomenal.

Chad Powers on Full Display During ManningCast

In the episode, Eli Manning takes a trip to State College where he performs a stunt similar to Jared Goff’s disguise prank at Ventura College. Eli Manning attends an open tryout as a walk-on named Chad Powers, who according to his official resume was a homeschooled quarterback.

He uses a prosthetic nose and fake mustache, combined with a very gnarly Jeff Spicoli-esque hairdo. He FaceTimes his brother Peyton once in the disguise. Then, he meets with head coach James Franklin, who claims to recognize Eli right away.

Plenty of Penn State staffers seemed to know something was up when Chad strolled into the tryout. He clocked in a severely unimpressive time of 5.49 in the 40-yard dash. However, the current 41-year-old ran a 4.9 second time at the NFL Combine all the way back in 2004, right out of college. So, at least he hasn’t lost much of the speed he never really possessed.

However, he did sling the rock well enough to have people questioning who he was. He didn’t make the final cut, and shortly after, Powers revealed his true identity as Eli Manning.

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