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PHOTO: Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Allegedly Soils Himself in Heinz Field, Washes Pants in Bathroom Sink in Preposterous Pants-less Pic

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

One Pittsburgh Steelers couldn’t keep from soiling himself on Sunday and was caught in the act of cleaning his pants in a bathroom sink half-nude.

During Sunday’s 26-17 loss to the Raiders, Twitter user FunInstigator caught a dude washing his pants in the bathroom sink at Heinz Field. 

Oh, and the poor fellow kept his socks on. He wore a replica of former Pittsburgh Steelers legend Jerome Bettis, and his face was not visible to the camera, thank goodness.

Yeah, I’m a little freaked out by seeing that photo too. 

Or maybe the fan was freaked out after the Pittsburgh Steelers lost their top defender, T.J. Watt. Watt suffered a groin injury during the game days after signing a massive contract extension. The deal is worth $112 million over four years, with $80 million of that guaranteed. 

Viral Pittsburgh Steelers Post Embarrassing

Soon after the tweet, Mr. FunInstigator locked his account, but the viral photo has made its rounds.

Realistically, this probably happens more times than we think. Besides, who’s keeping track of how many two-beer trips people take. That said, Pennsylvania officials were rationing certain types of alcohol, starting this weekend.

But in such as case, you have to wonder if buying a pair of pants at the team store would be better in the public interest. There’s seven team stores at Heinz Field. Maybe one could have sold some pants or taken mercy on the guy. Or perhaps stadium services could have helped. 

According to CBS, the Steelers’ home field “boasts more than two dozen men’s and women’s facilities and numerous family-friendly restrooms containing more than 487 lavatories, 204 urinals and ,83 water closets.” 

The new stadium opened in 2012.

When the AFC North division rival Bengals come to town next week for an afternoon game, let’s hope their fans can use the bathroom without seeing any more Pittsburgh Steelers fan shenanigans.

Week 1 Had Its Sewage Moment

Last week, Washington fans had their own smelly experience with the poop. The team lost to the Los Angeles Chargers in the season opener.

In the opening week of the season, a FedEx Field sewage pipe burst, drenching fans in their lower concourse seats. Four rows of fans got wet.

A Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter rushed to the scene and said the water seemed to be part sewage and part water. He caught one FedEx “veteran” saying, “Never seen anything like that before.” 

The NFL team officials, instead, claimed the broken pipe came from a rainwater storage tank.

SBNation did some sleuthing, but the outcome for the fans was worth it during the game.

The affected fans, however, were put in a furnished suite. The field opened in 1997.