Photo: Shirtless, Body-Painted Green Bay Packers Fan is the NFL Divisional Round Hero We Need

by Quentin Blount

It’s going to be a long game for fans at Lambeau Field. The cold weather during the Los Angeles Rams-Green Bay Packers game is going to be tough to handle for a whole game.

One Green Bay fan apparently hasn’t been bothered by the frigid temperatures so far during the NFC Divisional Round playoff game. He was spotted shirtless with a full coat of green body paint and a beer in hand.

The temperature at kickoff was barely above freezing at 34 degrees. That number was expected to remain relatively the same even after the sun sets in Green Bay. There was a 15-percent chance of precipitation, as well as a nine mile-per-hour wind that will be present throughout the game. It has yet to snow during the game, as of now.

Meanwhile, we all know that Green Bay Packers fans are the type to show up shirtless in freezing weather to cheer on the team they love so much. That was the case once again on Saturday night, and some on social media are calling the shirtless fan “a hero.”

The official Twitter account for The Ringer was one of them saying, “People throw around the word “hero” a lot, but …”

Green Bay Packers Fans Reply on Twitter

Packers fans on Twitter were quick to chime in with their thoughts on the photo of the shirtless fan at Lambeau Field.

Jackson S (@DeudvonTaent) sent a reply saluting the fan. He sent it along with a gif of John Cena doing a salute gesture.

Other fans, were less impressed, criticizing the man from his appearance to his choice of beer.

Neiman (@realdealneiman) says that, “Heros don’t drink coors light…”

Joshua (@schlizzag) seemingly agreed, writing, “Someone give that poor guy a Miller Lite!”

One user wrote, “95% chance this dude was at the Capitol last week.”

We have to assume that the Green Bay Packers have an advantage in cold-weather games, especially against a team like the Los Angeles Rams who normally play in warm weather. It also helps to have close to 9,000 fans at the game, something that Green Bay hasn’t had all year long.

Not to mention the die-hards who show up to cheer on the team shirtless in freezing weather. Respect, but couldn’t be us.