PHOTO: Super Bowl LV Food Prices are Absolutely Outrageous

by Will Shepard

Super Bowl LV is well underway, and so far, the game is awesome. As always, price points are a mainstay for curious people. This year, a photo of the vending options surfaced.

It is safe to say that the prices are outrageous at this year’s Super Bowl. There are roughly 25,000 people at the game, with the rest of the stadium being filled in with cardboard cutouts. So, the prices of food and beverages are quite high.

Clearly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium is going to make a lot of money from people buying food and drinks this year. So, without further ado, here are the prices for Super Bowl LV food and drink.

Super Bowl LV Prices For Things to Eat and Drink

It helps that there are two refillable items – Popcorn and Souvenir Soda – on the vending list for Super Bowl LV. But, as a whole, everything’s price point is incredibly steep.

It is one thing to be lucky enough to get to go to the Super Bowl. It is another thing to be lucky enough to get something to eat or drink while you’re at the game. For instance, if you have three beers while you’re at the game, you better have at least $36 in your pocket.

If you’ve brought your family to the game and they all need something to eat, $100 might be able to do something. But, if you’re with a couple of friends who like to drink a lot of beer, you certainly better plan ahead.

At first glance, everything seems to be astronomically high. However, it is actually reasonable when you compare it to other Super Bowls. For instance, last year’s prices are very similar.

In fact, a refillable soda at last year’s game was $15 and a smaller, while a non-refillable soda was $7. A bottle of water costs the same this year as it did last year. Beer this year is a little bit more expensive. The Super Bowl’s price points for beer was $15 for an import can, $14 for a bud light bottle, and $12 for a domestic can of beer.

Of course, getting food and beverages at a sporting event is all part of the experience. If you are lucky enough to be at the Super Bowl, it seems like getting something to eat or drink would not be a big deal at all.