PHOTO: Tony Romo Has Awkward Stain on Pants, NFL Fans Lose It

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

Former QB turned commentator Tony Romo drew some eyes while calling Super Bowl LV. Barstool Sports tweeted a photo pointing out a wet spot on Romo’s crotch and fans are chiming in.

NFL fans are glad to see that Romo and Nantz are commentating on the big game tonight. However, Tony Romo is still the butt of more than a few jokes. Apparently, the folks at Barstool Sports are keeping a very close eye on him this evening.

The tweet shows a neck-down picture of Tony Romo. The focus is on a small, round, wet spot on the front of his pants. While it’s a really strange take, Barstool Sports does offer some solid advice. The caption read, “A couple more shakes next time, Tony.”

Barstool Sports’ Twitter followers chimed in with a few shots of their own. While a few took shots at Romo, the majority of them focused their jokes on the tweet itself.

A couple of fans made some off-color jokes about Tony Romo’s excitement at watching Tom Brady work on the field. Those can be best summed up by Twitter user @JoelZoufaly‘s reply. “He probably just busted watching Tom do what he does.” I mean, it’s an exciting game but I don’t know if it’s quite that good.

Amid all the jokes, one Twitter user, @NealCisme, is just speaking the facts. In regards to the “more shakes” comment, he said, “Every man knows, that wouldn’t matter.” A sad reality.

Fans Throw Shade Over Tony Romo Tweet

The bulk of the replies, and this writer, are wondering why the good folks over at Barstool Sports are looking at Tony Romo’s crotch so closely. The replies on the tweet are mostly people asking different variations of that question. However, Twitter user @HumidFluid comes right out and asks, “why y’all looking?”

Other Twitter users aren’t concerned about why it was posted. They just wish it hadn’t been. There are several variations of “delete this” and “You didn’t have to post this, but here we are.” @IGSweeney came out with the big guns and said exactly what he was thinking, “This feels desperate for content.”

Other fans turned the joke on Barstool Sports. Instead of wondering why they were looking that hard at Tony Romo’s crotch, they plainly stated that the tweet was awfully suspicious. @YerMumHotPocket summed up that side of the argument with their reply, “Y’all sus for looking this hard at a man’s crotch.” There were even a few “Among Us” GIFs calling Barstool Sports “sus” for analyzing Tony Romo’s downfield region.

Personally, I think @EasyBreezy0722 had the best reply of the bunch. It’s simple, straight to the point, and sums it all up perfectly in one word. “Bruh.”

If you’re in need of a laugh after the game, go check out the reply thread.