PHOTOS: Buffalo Bills’ Field Is Definitely Not Playable, Covered in Feet of Snow

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

So, the NFL made the right decision to move this Buffalo game. The Buffalo Bills had to cancel practice due to all the snow on Friday. There were a lot of fans that scoffed at the idea of moving the game due to snow. After all, the best games happen in the snow! But this storm is different.

One Bills Drive is under about two feet of snow and it just keeps coming down. Highmark Stadium is officially the ice bowl, and no one is going to get in that stadium until it thaws out. This is the type of snow that keeps you inside your house for a couple of days at least.

You couldn’t host a peewee football game, let alone an NFL game with a stadium full of people.

This prompted another round of fans asking why the game was moved, and why couldn’t they just play in the snow. At this point, it’s a little disingenuous. However, it also got some folks from Buffalo to confirm how deep this snow is already.

One Buffalo Bills fan on Twitter showed that the snow on his back porch was about 31 inches deep. By the time this stuff gets plowed and moved into banks, it’s going to be many more feet high. By the way, there’s more snow coming on Saturday.

Buffalo Bills Going to Detroit in Back-to-Back Weeks

While the Buffalo Bills have a proud tradition of playing in the cold and snow, think back to the 2017 Colts game, this storm was for real. There was a thundersnow forecast on top of the unbelievable amount of precipitation. That made the decision a little easier for the NFL.

So, the game between the Bills and Cleveland Browns will be played at Ford Field in Detroit. The Bills might as well stay in town and hang out. They will have to play against the Lions in Detroit just a week later. This has thrown a wrench into the Bills’ plans, and for many fans.

Even though the Buffalo Bills have faced tough weather in the past, this time it was just too much to deal with. Although, it would have been a whole lot of fun to watch.