PHOTOS: First Look at Colin Kaepernick’s Upcoming ‘Black and White’ Netflix Series

by Jonathan Howard

There is a new series detailing the life of Colin Kaepernick coming to Netflix. The show, Colin in Black and White, will detail his early life. The first look at the new series shows a few shots shared via Twitter. The political activist and former NFL QB will hit the streaming service on October 29th. Keep your calendars marked.

Late this afternoon, Colin Kaepernick shared four screenshots via Twitter of his upcoming Netflix series. Two of the pics show Kaepernick himself. One in a big, empty room with a glass ceiling and a bench. The other shows the former QB sitting on the same bench and watching an old film of himself as a child, or perhaps a moment from the series projected onto the wall. The other stills show the actor portrayed version of his adoptive parents. The last one shows the series adaptation of a young Colin.

The series will follow Kaepernick’s life. Growing up as a Black man with white parents, the activist has discussed how his upbringing influenced him. The show will likely follow Kaepernick and his life from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was born, to high school in California. From there, the QB went to California where he grew up and played football.

Perhaps the show will be like NBC’s Young Rock. That show details Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson throughout his early life and his most influential moments. Expect Colin In Black and White to show plenty of pivotal moments in Colin Kaepernick’s early life. One does not become a civil rights activist without influence and certain life experiences. Not to mention the fact he was a second-round pick in the NFL and played six seasons of professional football, including a Super Bowl appearance.

Colin Kaepernick Over the Years

Those who don’t know Colin Kaepernick’s story will likely get a concise lesson with the series. After being put up for adoption as a newborn, Colin found himself in the arms of Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. At the time, the family lived in Fond du Lac, WI, but a few years later moved to California.

The west coast is where Colin Kaepernick grew up and developed as an athlete and politically-minded person. He would take his athletic abilities, which were mainly in baseball, to the University of Nevada, Reno. Here, he played quarterback for the football team, and not pitcher for the baseball team. Reno was his only college football offer. However, he developed into quite a player. After four years of college football, Kaepernick racked up over 10,000 yards passing and 82 touchdowns. Of course, being a dual-threat he also put up over 4000 yards rushing and almost 60 touchdowns.

In 2016 after the police shot and killed Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and others, Kaepernick famously knelt for the national anthem. It started with a preseason game in 2016. A reporter noticed the QB sitting during the playing of America’s national anthem, which became a kneel. In 2019, Kaepernick would reach a settlement with the NFL after a complaint of collusion. The complaint alleged the NFL had purposely blackballed the QB as well as Eric Reid for their protests.