PHOTOS: Hilarious College GameDay Signs Return in Full Force To Iowa State

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Want to start your Saturday morning in the most spirited way? Flip on ESPN’s College GameDay and check out the signs.

This Saturday, ESPN traveled to Ames, Iowa, for the early-season game between Iowa and Iowa State. Winner gets the Cy-Hawk trophy. But this year’s game may mean more than some in-state hardware. It’s the first time in the history of the rivalry that both teams meet as top 10 teams. So this is could be a nice victory come December if either team still remains in the national title conversation. It was a slam-dunk choice for College GameDay to set up outside Jack Trice Stadium.

Ashton Kutcher caused much consternation with the Iowa State fan base. He’s from Cedar Rapids, but he chose Iowa as his college destination. Kutcher rode to the set in a combine. And fans chanted for him to “Take a Shower,” especially after Kutcher picked his Haweyes to beat the Cyclones.

Take a Look at These College GameDay Signs

There were so many references to agriculture. You could call it a running theme of the sign show. The fans also took shots at Nebraska, which borders the state.

Take this as an ultimate farm troll — “Hawks Bale Wet Hay.”

Iowans Are Proud of Field of Dreams Rep

Of course, there also were references to Field of Dreams. The state figured prominently in the 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner. And Major League Baseball revived the movie by playing a game in Iowa last month.

One College GameDay sign read “Is this heaven? No. But at least it’s not Nebraska.”

And Nebraska wasn’t the only school drawing the ire of the fans. Texas and Oklahoma, two teams that recently decided to go from the Big 12 to the SEC, weren’t fan favorites. Iowa State is in the Big 12. And when the Longhorns and Sooners bolted for the SEC, the league was severely weakened. But on Friday, the conference added Houston, Cincinnati, Brigham Young and Central Florida. None of the four has the cache of Texas or Oklahoma, but the Big 12 will stay a Power Five league.

Now you understand why the College GameDay crowd took shots at schools that weren’t in Iowa that day.

One sign read: “Biggest Traitors. 1. Benedict Arnold. 2. Texas 3. Oklahoma 4. Judas Icariot.” (That’s actually Judas Iscariot).

Ashton Kutcher brought some movie-star power to College GameDay. The guest picker usually has ties to the home team or the state. And College GameDay likes the identity of the picker to be a surprise until he or she arrives on set. But word leaked Friday that Kutcher would be the guy, so fans were ready with the signs.

And about those shower signs. Kutcher and wife, Mila Kunis, revealed back in July that they didn’t regularly give their kids a bath unless they smell or you can see the dirt.

So that’s how taking a shower became part of College GameDay. As expected, Kutcher picked his school. However, Lee Corso backed him up and the fans booed. That’s why we love college football.