Photos: Mark Cuban Shares Delonte West Update Amid Former NBA Star’s Rehab Stint

by Will Shepard

Mark Cuban continues his rise to the top of the kindest, good-hearted samaritans list. Cuban keeps following up and checking in with former NBA player Delonte West. Cuban shared an update via his Twitter on West.

Cuban came to the aid of West this past year after seeing him homeless and struggling to live. Cuban saw this and found West at a gas station in Dallas and picked him up. He announced to the world then, that – with West’s full permission – West was entering a rehab facility.

Cuban has shared numerous updates about West’s journey to recovery, and this post is just the latest amongst those tweets.

During the hectic election day, Cuban shared some news separate from the daily headlines. Cuban says, “because we all want something to feel great about today, here is your Delonte West update”. Certainly good news in any regard. West looks cheerful and happy surrounded by similarly happy faces. West looks more than comfortable floating down a river in a kayak.

Mark Cuban Says Delonte West Is ‘Still Climbing’

Although it is, as Cuban says, “still an uphill battle” he continues with, “he is climbing!” The two certainly have a connection that is helping West find his recovery.

Twitter is, most of the time, a wonderful place and this tweet is no exception. Once known for his jovial antics on and off the court, it looks again like West is having fun. West also looks physically fit and healthy again, just as he did in Cubans last update on West’s rehab.

“Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you, Delonte West,” Mark Cuban tweeted earlier this month. “A long, long, long way to go, but he has taken the first steps and shared these with all of us as a thank you for the love and support.’

As Cuban said, there are still things West needs to sort out. However, the future looks bright for the former NBA star as he continues his path back to success.