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PIC: Brittany Mahomes, Union Station KC Reveal How They’re Celebrating the Birth of Baby Bronze

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

No one, outside of Brittany and Patrick Mahomes, is more excited for the birth of baby “Bronze” than Kansas City itself. The Mahomes family means a whole lot to the community. Not only for what they have done in regard to football, but the fact that the family has embraced the city back.

So, it was no surprise that once again, Union Station in Kansas City shined bright in honor of the birth of another Mahomes baby. When Sterling Skye was born the station lit up in pink and white. Now, with the birth of Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, it shines blue and white.

Brittany Mahomes loved the gesture.

There are few places that would put on a display like this, even for an NFL quarterback. However, Patrick Mahomes has left a mark on the city. All kinds of wins, a Super Bowl championship, and a bright future. That’s what Mahomes has done for KC.

This time around, Brittany Mahomes kept folks on the edge of their seats. There were all kinds of photos shared and updates given throughout. Some people thought that she was in labor during the Chiefs’ last game this week. However, she confirmed that was not the case.

It would only take another day until Bronze made his way into the world. So, the fans weren’t completely off.

Fans React to Brittany, Patrick Mahomes Baby Announcement

Nothing happens without the internet reacting. Brittany Mahomes has built up a sizeable following online. Some of that is good and some of that is bad. It is the way it goes. The NFL wife seems to deal with it incredibly well, though.

Most folks online were happy to celebrate the moment with the Mahomes family.

“Congratulations Patrick, Brittany and little Sterling on the arrival of the little man of the house,” one person said. “KC looks forward to watching your family blossom and grow. Sending love and blessings to you and your family.”

There were all kinds of kind words and messages of positivity. This might give Patrick a little bit of extra juice going into his next game. Congratulations to the quarterback, Brittany Mahomes, and the entire family.