Picky Eater: NFL Rookie Quarterback Sam Howell Shares He Only Eats Chicken

by Tyler Mansfield
Justin Casterline/Getty Images.

We Outsiders love meat. That goes without saying. Burgers, steaks, barbecue – we love it all. While many people out there eat those main entrees on a consistent basis, there’s a new NFL player who doesn’t.

Sam Howell – a rookie quarterback for the Washington Commanders – doesn’t eat burgers. Or steak. He’s never even tried a single bite of either. I’m being serious – and yes, I was as blown away as you Outsiders are right now when I discovered this news.

Just like me, you’re probably wondering what exactly Howell eats if he doesn’t like burgers or steak. Well, it’s simple. He is a big fan of chicken, mostly nuggets and tenders. That’s literally all he’s ever eaten throughout his life, and he doesn’t have any plans to change that.

“Chicken is the only meat I eat,” Howell said, via The Athletic. “I’ve never had a steak.”

Howell is such a big fan of chicken – and a picky eater – that he will bring his own tenders to team dinners. Oh yeah, and he’s the type of person who orders chicken tenders at steakhouses. We all know someone like that, and Howell’s a part of that unique group.

I hope the Commanders are making plans now to make sure their new quarterback has his chicken tenders for team meals.

Despite His Strange Love for Chicken, Howell is a Solid Quarterback

Sam Howell may be unique in the sense that he only eats chicken, but there’s no denying his quarterback abilities. While at North Carolina, Howell totaled 10,283 passing yards and 92 touchdowns over three seasons – alongside 1,009 rushing yards and 17 more touchdowns.

Following a standout collegiate career, the Washington Commanders selected Howell No. 144 overall in the fifth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Now, he’s excited to make the leap to the professional level.