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Piers Morgan Slams US Swimmer Simone Manuel After Backing Naomi Osaka: ‘Ridiculous Whiners’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

Following the news that Team USA swimmer Simone Manuel backed Team Japan’s Naomi Osaka by ending athlete interviews after bad performances, British television personality Piers Morgan decided to share his opinion about the situation. 

“The media should stop writing about any of these ridiculous whiners,” Piers Morgan states in a tweet featuring an article about Manuel’s stance. “That would soon stop this self-indulgent nonsense from prima donnas who just can’t handle being criticised for bad performance.”

Twitter users weighed in on Piers Morgan’s tweet. One Twitter user writes, “This tweet is the epitome of pot kettle… wish you would stop whining.”

Another Twitter user also comments, “Imagine having a microphone stuck in your face after missing out on gold after a 200 lap Madison race.”

Piers Morgan Calls Out Team USA Gymnast Simone Biles For ‘Quitting’ During 2020 Tokyo Olympics

At the end of July, Piers Morgan called out Team USA gymnast Simone Biles for “quitting” during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He stated in his DailyMail article that Biles left her team to fight on without their “leader and supreme motivational champion and instead of winning the gold, they came in second. 

Piers Morgan then recalls interviewing Biles on Good Morning Britain. He also says she “radiated’ so much self-confidence that she might self-combust on set.

“Biles didn’t choose a goat to personify her brand because they’re her favorite animal. She chose it because, in sporting terms, it stands for G.O.A.T. or Greatest Of All Time. And I have no problem with that.”

Morgan admits that he likes his sporting champions to be “cocky little devices” when they have the ability and medals to back the confidence up. “And they don’t get much cockier than Ms. Biles,” Piers proclaims. He calls out Biles. “Rather than dust herself down and battle on for Gold, as she did in 2018, she did something which absolutely staggered me. She quit.”

After Biles said that coming to the Olympics and being the “head star” wasn’t an easy feat, Morgan said her “GOAT ego” caused the pressure. He also responded to her comment about feeling the pressure of being at the Olympics for others.

“Sorry, WHAT? You’re not just at these Games for yourself, Simone,” Piers proclaims. He then adds that he prefers the old Simone that would do whatever it took to win.

Piers Morgan Responses to Backlash Over Biles Criticism

In typical Pier Morgan fashion, the television personality took to his Twitter account once again after receiving criticism about Biles.

“So, to sum up, today’s big Simone Biles debate, snowflake Twitter is 100% adamant that walking out on teammates at work is brave, strong, inspiring, and iconic. And anyone who does it should be celebrated as one of the world’s great heroes. Good to know.”