Pilot Threatens to Turn Plane Around If Georgia and Alabama Fans Don’t Behave

by Clayton Edwards

I think it’s safe to say that college football fans are passionate. They’re serious about their allegiances and rivalries and things get a little more intense when the stakes get higher. That passion adds something to college football that you won’t find in many other places. This year’s National Championship game between Georgia and Alabama is a perfect example of that.

Alabama and Georgia don’t face off in the regular season very often. However, when they do, things get intense. The rivalry between these two teams is long and storied. Additionally, stakes don’t get much higher than the National Championship game. As a result, things have been simmering since the college football world learned who was going to the big game. After UGA took a tough loss from the Crimson Tide at the SEC Championship game, Dawgs fans are heading to Lucas Oil Stadium hoping for a little redemption.

This year, the National Championship will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a result, thousands of Georgia and Alabama fans are stocking up on cold-weather gear, packing their bags, and heading north. Many of those fans are choosing to fly to Indy. That means that these two fanbases, who are already amped for the game, will be sharing the friendly skies together.

Sunday, one pilot was making the flight from Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta to Indianapolis International Airport and noticed all the fans on his flight. He wanted to make sure the skies stayed friendly while also poking fun at the plane full of Alabama and Georgia fans.

Alabama and Georgia Fans Get a Hilarious Warning

Jeff Schultz, a journalist with The Athletic shared the pilot’s dad joke with his Twitter followers. The captain told the Alabama and Georgia fans, “There will be no fighting. If there is I’m going to land this plane at Auburn or Georgia Tech.”

For the Crimson Tide and Dawgs fans on the plane, that was worse than any “I’ll turn this car around,” they heard as kids. Auburn and Georgia Tech are Alabama and Georgia’s in-state rivals. However, neither team has any love for Auburn. So, that would have been a bad time for just about every fan on the plane.

A couple of college football fans chimed in about the threat of landing at Georgia Tech or Auburn, Alabama. They agreed that the pilot would have been better off threatening to land in Knoxville, Tennessee. One suggested that “everyone would immediately start holding hands and singing Kumbaya,” if the pilot threatened to touch down in Vol country.

Fans who aren’t already in Indianapolis for the National Championship kicks off tonight at 8/9 c. You can watch the game on ESPN or stream it live on FuboTV.