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WATCH: Pitt Lineman Repeatedly Slams Helmet Into His Face in Bizarre Moment

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Chris McDill/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Pitt lineman Devin Danielson might need some aspirin and a glass of water after Pitt’s win over Miami on Saturday. He gave college football fans one of the most bizarre moments of the entire weekend.

At one point late in the game, Danielson was clearly frustrated with something that happened in the game. After talking it over with a teammate, the lineman took his helmet and smashed it into his own face multiple times.

It couldn’t have been anything too critical to the outcome, because at the time of Danielson’s explosion, the Panthers owned a 42-16 lead on the Hurricanes. It makes the whole thing even stranger.

That’s the definition of a “Football Guy,” right? I mean, not many of us could suffer repeated blows to the head with a helmet and continue standing upright.

Pitt concluded the season with an 8-4 record, so the Panthers will be heading to a bowl game. Danielson might have to get checked for a concussion because of his own actions, though.

Fans Notice Reactions From Danielson’s Pitt Teammates

Here’s the funny thing about Danielson smashing his helmet into his head during a game: it’s not even what people are talking about most! A lot of college football fans noticed the reactions of his Pitt teammates who witnessed the behavior.

Almost all of Danielson’s teammates cringe, look away or show some sort of shocked expression. It might be the most mesmerizing aspect of the entire video.

“Don’t focus on the Pitt player smashing his helmet on his head,” the Sickos Committee Twitter account wrote. “I know that’s tough. Watch the bench reaction.”

Another Twitter user chimed in, “Two things: 1) The Pitt Bench reaction is amazing. 2) What could possibly make him THIS angry when you’re up 42-16!?”

We saw a lot of wild things during the final week of the college football season. This might be the craziest.