Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro Cam Heyward Gives Vote of Confidence to Incoming Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky

by Patrick Norton

For Mitchell Trubisky, his career forever receives criticism and comparisons thanks to his draft spot. Taken second overall in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears, the 27-year-old already searches for a career renaissance. Trubisky’s four-year run in Chicago became riddled with hindsight redrafts with the franchise taking the ultra-successful Patrick Mahomes instead.

An atrocious coaching staff impatient and incapable of developing a young talent plagued the quarterback’s start. When Chicago discarded him for the likes of Andy Dalton in last season’s free agency period, Trubisky signed a deal with the Buffalo Bills.

Backing up Josh Allen in Buffalo meant significantly reduced playing time, but an opportunity to finally learn the ropes from a competent coaching staff. In the few snaps the former first-rounder took in 2021, he didn’t have an opportunity to flourish. As a backup, Trubisky often provided the end-of-game kneel down or stepped in during blowout victories.

Determined to attain starting status in the league once again, the quarterback signed a two-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Replacing Ben Roethlisberger is no small task, but Trubisky’s skillset ranks higher than other more expensive replacement options.

But Trubisky’s presence didn’t prevent Pittsburgh from checking the QB box on draft day this offseason. Head coach Mike Tomlin and company selected Kenny Pickett out of Pitt in the first round. As a potential controversy brews before training camp, Steelers defensive line legend Cam Heyward is throwing his weight behind the former Bears quarterback.

On Heyward’s Not Just Football podcast, the 33-year-old says, “It starts with Mitch. Mitch, we bought him in in free agency. The thing we have to remember about Mitch is he’s coming from a situation where in Chicago, they didn’t really give him anything. And he still made it to the playoffs.”

Heyward’s Comments on Mitchell Trubisky Still Ring True Through Chicago

Heyward continues in his soliloquy, saying, “Everything like to say ‘Mitch did this wrong, Mitch did that wrong.’ Man, Mitch did a lot of things right. Hopefully we have a better team around him. And we’re going to support him. Right now, he’s our No. 1.”

The jabs at Chicago’s former regime don’t fall on deaf ears. And for Bears wide receiver Darnell Mooney, highlighting the staff’s woes makes a lot more sense than lambasting Trubisky or last year’s rookie, Justin Fields. Mooney – while maintaining a level of professionalism – begs fans to give the roster a chance without a catastrophic coaching staff running the show.

Mooney played for Trubisky, and now has built a dynamic rapport with Fields. For the 2017 first-rounder, a fresh start in Buffalo before jumping to Pittsburgh hits the reset button. For last year’s first round selection, Fields faces an uphill climb, but with new guidance hopefully more capable of developing young talent.