Pittsburgh Steelers’ Chase Claypool Involved in Bar Brawl, Fight Caught on Video

by Matthew Wilson

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool is known for his football prowess. But he recently tested his skills as a boxer or fighter. The athlete was involved in a barroom brawl, or at least a bar parking lot brawl. An onlooker captured the fight on camera.

Claypool was one of several figures involved in the chaotic scene. There were multiple people in the brawl, throwing fists, pushing, and tackling. Several people tried to break up the brawl before being pulled into the fight itself. The incident happened at the Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa, California on March 13.

According to TMZ, the Pittsburgh Steelers athlete visited the bar with a group of friends. But Claypool got drawn into a fight happening on the bar’s premise. Claypool was not involved initially and didn’t instigate the brawl. But he tried to step in to put a stop to the flurry of blows and help one of his friends.

Claypool reportedly found himself an unwilling participant after pushing two people off his friend. Several people began to charge him as he backed away. Claypool managed to knock one person to the ground, delivering a kick to the face.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Athlete Left the Scene

His friends pulled him away from the brawl. All parties involved eventually left the scene after the brawl dissipated. Claypool and other participants were gone by the time the Costa Mesa Police arrived. Responding officers found no one on the bar’s premises, and no arrests were made.

Reportedly, the brawl started because someone threw dollar bills at a woman while inside the bar. This started an argument between Claypool’s group and another. Things quickly got heated and escalated into a fight outside of the bar.

Claypool hasn’t issued a formal comment about the barroom brawl. Additionally, it’s unknown if the athlete will face any legal action for his role in the fight. But sources told the outlet that Claypool wasn’t trying to fight. He was just trying to protect one of his friends and got involved as a result.

Claypool is a relatively new face in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted in 2020 as a 2nd-round pick. Last season, he played a total of 16 games, making 62 catches for 873 yards and 11 touchdowns. The athlete should have a promising career in the NFL as long as his activities off the field don’t jeopardize his career.