Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Sound Off on Mitch Trubisky and OC Matt Canada After Loss to Browns

by Jonathan Howard

Sorry Steelers fans. Tonight wasn’t your night in the NFL. Now, Steeler Nation is reeling and not happy with QB Mitch Trubisky or OC Matt Canada. When it comes to primetime fails, the Steelers have to be feeling like they are not the worst to happen this week. I don’t think “we’re not as bad as the Titans or Vikings” is much of a consolation, though.

Matt Canada is in his second season as offensive coordinator, and fans are over it already. To be fair, this is a new era in Pittsburgh. No more Big Ben, and Mitch Trubisky hasn’t exactly had the greatest career in the NFL. You put those things together and it’s not a great recipe for success.

Matt Canada’s Fan Club

When I’m saying fans are done with Matt Canada, I am very serious. This fan, Nick, didn’t hold back at all. He even tagged the head coach! That’s as serious as it can get from a fan on social media, without using any curse words.

Now, this is one that does use some foul, NSFW language. But what do you expect from a Patrick Bateman profile pic? The point is clear, though. This Steelers fan wants Canada and Trubisky OUTTA here.

Call it the same old song and dance, whatever you want. Steelers fans are going to have to get comfortable with what this team is for right now. Especially without T.J. Watt on the defensive side of the field. There’s good evidence that these close losses in Weeks 2 and 3 are directly tied to losing their star on defense.

Steelers fans would prefer a world with Watt on the field and Matt Canada at home, I believe.

Pittsburgh Losses Second in a Row

This one almost turned around for Pittsburgh. I’m sure Matt Canada was hoping he’d get a miracle in the fourth quarter with seconds to go. However, it didn’t happen. The Steelers pulled within six points, 17-23, and just couldn’t close it out on defense. Let’s not forget the missed 3-pt field goal earlier in the game. If you’re within three points, things might be different.

This is the second week in a row that Pittsburgh was on the losing end of things. Mike Tomlin has decisions to make for his team. Will it be a coaching change or a change at passer?

Cleveland won the game 29-17 and is rolling with quarterback Jacoby Brissett, just like we all thought they would.