Pittsburgh Steelers Honoring Dwayne Haskins With Helmet Sticker, NFL Fans Weigh in

by Sean Griffin

On Twitter, sports outlet Bleacher Report posted a photo of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ new helmet sticker, honoring the late Dwayne Haskins. The NFL season kicked off last night, and the Steelers’ first game is this Sunday, September 11th.

Dwayne Haskins played for the Steelers from 2021 until his death in April of 2022. On April 9, 2022, while in South Florida vacationing and training with teammates, Haskins died in a tragic accident. While attempting to cross Interstate 595 on foot, he was struck by a dump truck and died of blunt force trauma.

The NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ohio State University, and fans and loved ones all mourned the loss of the young quarterback around the time of his death. Now, after a long offseason without their friend and teammate, the Steelers’ method of commemorating Haskins this year has been revealed.

Steelers fans responded to the tweet in droves, voicing their support for the decision to honor Haskins for the season.

“Common Steelers W,” one Steelers fan wrote on Twitter. “We winning it all for him,” another wrote, hoping Haskins can be a unifying force for the locker room.

Another fan mirrored that same sentiment, referring to the move as a “W gesture.” This user also posted a funny gif featuring Haskins when he played for Washington.

“Rip Haskins,” one fan wrote. Another voiced their approval for the helmet stickers, writing: “That’s dope.”

“That’s love,” one Steeler fan wrote, adding a heart emoji. “This our year, baby,” another user wrote. Only time will tell if that’s true. However, one thing is for sure: NFL fans approve of the Steelers’ new helmet sticker to honor the memory of Dwayne Haskins.

Dwayne Haskins Remembered by Coaches, Teammates

Haskins was originally drafted by the Washington Commanders in 2019 in the first round with the fifteenth overall pick. However, Haskins was released near the end of 2020 after never gaining solid footing as the starter. In January 2021, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed the young quarterback in hopes of reviving his once-promising career.

He served as a backup with the team all of 2021 and resigned a deal on March 16, 2022. However, a month later, while training with some Steelers teammates, tragedy struck. Haskins was killed after getting struck by a dump truck near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

At the time of his death, there was an outpouring of messages from teammates, coaches, and loved ones. Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin posted a heartfelt statement on Twitter.

His college team Ohio State also posted a heartwarming photograph on their Twitter at the time of his death. They hung two of his No. 7 jerseys on the gates of Ohio Stadium. “Once a Buckeye, Always a Buckeye,” the caption reads.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will wear the helmet stickers for the first time when they take on Joe Burrow and the defending-AFC Champions Cincinnati Bengals. That game kicks off at 1:00 EST this Sunday, September 11th at the Bengals’ newly-named Paycor Stadium.