Pittsburgh Steelers Star Cam Heyward Says Insulting Mike Tomlin Retweet Was a ‘Butt Retweet’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Addressing an elephant in the room, Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense tackle Cam Heyward discusses his anti-Mike Tomlin retweet. 

According to Outkick, the Pittsburgh Steelers player retweeted a tweet that spoke ill about Tomlin, who has been the NFL’s team head coach for 16 years. The tweet, from a Twitter user named Disco1981, read, “I can’t stand Tomlin, and he’s a Fraud and Clown that’s been carried by Ben [Roethlisberger] his ENTIRE career… However… Cam Heyward was running 30 yards downfield (again) to make tackles that LB’s wouldn’t make.” 

However, after being called out for posting the anti-Tomlin tweet, Heyward took to Twitter with quite an excuse as to why he retweeted the comment. He blamed his butt. “Disregard the my last retweet,” the Pittsburgh Steelers player wrote. “That was a butt retweet.” He used the hand-in-face emoji repeatedly and then wrote. “dum dum cam.” 

Heyward continued to defend himself from the critics by then tweeting, “Ok let me be clear when I say that [it] was a complete accident. I challenge myself to be better and don’t look to point the finger. These losses I take personal and I need to be better. My head coach and teammates are the ones I care about. I’m on to Tampa see ya Sunday.” 

Cam Heyward Says Pittsburgh Steelers Headcoach Mike Tomlin Made Him Who He Is Today 

In a July 2022 interview on Mad Dog Sports Radio with Leger Douzable and Dr. Chantel Tremitiere, Cam Heyward reflected on being coached by head Pittsburgh Steelers coach, Mike Tomlin. 

“That dude is a guy who is a leader of men,” Heyward said at the time. “He pushes us, he challenges us, and we’re better because of it. To me personally, he’s made me who I am today. He challenges me every day.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers player further explained that while sometimes the challenges are petty, he gets competitive became of it. “But there’s times when I appreciate a man that continues to go about his job and continues to want to get better. He always talks about the next chance at getting that Lombardi. That’s a trophy I want to give to that man even though he’s got one. It’s something I’m looking forward to.” 

Mike Tomlin also praised Heyward during his interview with Ohio State’s 247 Sports Network. “This guy has been a significant core football player in that system since the time he stepped on campus. It creates a great deal of comfort when you are looking at a guy. He’s not only a mature young man, he is a mature player from that stainable, relative to some other people that get drafted in the draft.”

Heyward further praised Tomlin’s ability to fill former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher’s shoes.