Pittsburgh Steelers Star TJ Watt Seeks Additional Medical Opinions on Serious Injury, Per Reports

by Jonathan Howard

After getting some bad news on his torn pectoral, Pittsburgh Steelers star TJ Watt is looking for more medical opinions. Sometimes that second or third opinion can be all the difference. When it comes to what the NFL star is dealing with, it’s the difference between having to have season-ending surgery and being back and ready to play in six weeks. That’s major.

Against the Cincinnati Bengals, TJ Watt was able to record six tackles, a sack, and an interception. That was all before his injury. Soon after the injury, Watt heard that he was going to have to go through surgery.

Now, according to Adam Schefter, Watt is seeking additional medical opinions. If there is a chance that he can recover without surgery, then that’s great. If not, Steelers fans can expect their defense to be missing one of its most important pieces

In the moments before the injury, TJ Watt was playing well. However, coming off the field, there was a video of Watt walking and saying “I tore my pec.” It was almost instantaneous. He knew what had happened, the question was “how bad is it?”

Even though the Steelers had to finish the game without their defensive star, they would go on to win in dramatic fashion. Chris Boswell was ready for the moment as he connected on a 53-yard field goal and won the game for the black and yellow.

TJ Watt Isn’t the Only Steeler Injury

In true NFL fashion, when it rains it pours for teams. The Steelers got the W, but they lost TJ Watt for a time. And, they lost an important offensive piece (and a member of my own fantasy team, unfortunately). Najee Harris had to leave in the fourth quarter after hurting his foot. The injury caused the running back to leave the game and limp off the field. Adding another injury issue to the Steelers’ woes.

For Pittsburgh fans, it’s hard to swallow. However, the injuries to Watt and Harris might not be for the whole season. Watt is working on getting his second and possibly third opinion. The beginning of the season was a little bittersweet for the Steelers. Grab the win, but at what cost?