Pittsburgh Steelers WR George Pickens Wasn’t Too Impressed by His Ridiculous One-Handed Catch on TNF

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Back on Thursday Night Football on September 22, the Cleveland Browns defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-17. However, the play that will be most remembered from that game was Steelers receiver George Pickens’ insane reception.

In the matchup against their divisional rivals, Pickens hauled in a 36-yard reception with one hand in an insanely impressive contorted fashion.

Many people have compared the catch to Odell Beckham Jr.’s insane grab back in 2014. It’s certainly the unanimous choice for best catch of the season so far, and many have dubbed it the “catch of the year” and even “catch of the decade.”

However, George Pickens himself isn’t that impressed with the catch, saying he’s made plenty of more impressive grabs.

“That’s probably like seven,” Pickens told Steelers.com’s Teresa Varley when asked where he ranks the catch on his list of best catches he’s ever made.

“I made even crazier catches in college,” he said. “When I caught the ball, I made crazier catches before, so I knew I caught it. It was just a fact of what the world thought about it. I saw their input on the internet.”

He then went on to talk about some of his catches in practice during his college days at Georgia outranking this recent one versus the Browns.

George Pickens Explains How He’s Had Better Catches

“UGA, practice for real. One is on YouTube, you will probably see it,” Pickens said. “A lot of them are undiscovered.”

One reporter named Josh Rowntree went back and looked at some of the old tape of George Pickens at college practice.

“Pickens said that there’s a crazier catch on Youtube from a Georgia practice. I’m thinking this is what he was talking about.”

He goes on to write that he thought the catch against the Browns was better. A fan responded to the post, writing, “Both pretty darn good.”

Plenty of other users reacted to Pickens’ declaration that his incredible catch was around his seventh best.

“Weird that he ranks a college catch over an NFL catch,” one person wrote. Another user disagreed, writing: “Not when you’re talking about the top 5 catches you’ve EVER made. A catch is a catch.”

Some fans took the opportunity to throw shade at Mitch Trubisky. “And he wouldn’t have even had to make that insane catch if his QB could throw accurately…or make reads at all.”

However, another fan complimented Trubisky, writing that he helped extend the play. “And it was made possible by the outstanding throw on the run from #10 keeping the play alive with his feet.”

One Steelers fan wasn’t too happy about the moral victory of celebrating George Pickens’ catch. “Couldn’t care less about a catch in a game where we lost to the sorry browns,” he wrote.