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Portland State Coach Offering Best Deal Ever to Bring in Fans: ‘I’m Not Buying Your ticket, But I’ll Buy Your Beer’

by Jennifer Shea
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Portland State’s football coach has a deal for fans, and it’s the best one we here at Outsider have seen so far this season. Beers are on him if people will just show up to Saturday’s home game.

On Tuesday, Portland State coach Bruce Barnum appeared on a local radio show and offered to spring for a beer for anyone in the city who attends Saturday’s home opener, The Oregonian reports. The Portland State Vikings are hosting Western Oregon at Hillsboro Stadium at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Barnum said he can’t buy everyone’s tickets – they run to $3.50 for youths, $10 for general admission, and $25 for the 50-yard line – but he can treat people to a beer for coming out and showing their support.

“I’ve got to get people to see my kids,” Barnum said. “I like my team.”

Portland State Coach Goes Above and Beyond to Boost Turnout

Barnum made the offer on his own initiative on the radio show Tuesday.

“I’ve got a deal for you,” Barnum said. “Anybody who heard me [on] your show… just say, ‘I heard Barney on the BFT’ at the Barney Beer Garden, and I’ll buy your beer.”

“I’m not buying your ticket,” he added. “But I’ll buy your beer.”

And not only that, but get this, budding Portland alcoholics: Barnum is offering to buy as many beers as you care to drink at the game.

“All of them,” Barnum bravely replied, when asked how many beers.

Barnum’s overarching goal is to bring more in-state fans to his kids’ football games. When they play home games, he’d like to see a robust home-game turnout.

“Buy your ticket and come to our game,” Barnum urged fans. “I think you’ll like what you see.”

Barnum Has Been Vikings’ Head Coach for Seven Seasons

This year marks Barnum’s 12th year with the Portland State program, and his seventh season as head coach, per He has more than two decades of coaching experience, and equally significant recruiting experience.

Prior to his tenure at Portland State, Barnum coached at Cornell University, where he served as offensive coordinator. From 2007 to 2009, he ran a spread offense with Cornell, and in 2008, five members of Cornell’s offense won All-Ivy League honors as Cornell led the league in passing yards and ranked second in total offense.

Fans who want to see what Barnum can do with Portland State’s team now have an added incentive to show up to the next game in person: all the free beer they can drink. Cheers, Portland!