Preakness Stakes 2022: How to Watch, Everything You Need to Know About Today’s Horse Race

by Suzanne Halliburton

Settle in for a day of horses and Preakness Stakes 2022 watching. If you’re not there at Pimlico Race Course, Outsider has you covered.

First off, let’s talk TV coverage. Starting at 4 p.m. Eastern, NBC will broadcast three and 1/2 hours of coverage of this second leg of the Triple Crown. It’ll be packed with lots of pre-race coverage and analysis. Post time is 7:01 p.m.The race, itself, is only a mile and 3/16’s long. It’s the shortest one of the Triple Crown, which includes the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, which is set for June 11.

If you don’t have access to NBC, you can stream the Preakness on Peacock or Plus, it’s available on fuboTV. Now, here are some more factoids about the Preakness Stakes:

Rich Strike won the Kentucky Derby earlier this month, but won’t be racing at 2022 Preakness Stakes. He caught Epicenter, today’s favorite, near the finish at the Derby (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

For 2022 Preakness Stakes Bettors Are Favoring This Horse

First, Rich Strike, a fairy tale story with four legs, isn’t entered in the Preakness. So there will be no Triple Crown winner this year. Rich Strike barely earned a spot in the Kentucky Derby and started the race at 80-to-1 odds. But his jockey ran an excellent race. And Rich Strike had an excellent late kick as he threaded his way past other horses. But his owner opted to pull Rich Strike and rest him for Belmont.

So who do the bettors like? In other words, follow the money to find your favorite. The cash likes Epicenter. Of course, bettors preferred Epicenter at the Kentucky Derby, too. His odds today are 6 to 5. Keep in mind, odds can be fluid. Houston businessman Jim McIngvale, aka Mattress Mack, dropped a $1.5 million bet on Epicenter, which placed second to Rich Strike. Epicenter is one of only three horses who raced at the Derby and are competing today at Pimlico, with its nine-horse field.

Secret Oath won the Kentucky Oaks. If she wins the 2022 Preakness Stakes, she’ll be the 13th filly ever to claim a leg of the Triple Crown. (Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Will Fans Toast to a Filly at the Preakness Finish?

Early Voting is now at 7 to 2, so he’s generating the most money interest this side of Epicenter. However, Secret Oath, at 9 to 2, also is creating some pre-race buzz. D. Wayne Lukas, a long-time fixture in horse racing, owns Secret Oath. She won the Kentucky Oaks and Lukas is hoping 13 will be her lucky number. Only 12 fillies have won a prestigious leg of the Triple Crown. Swiss Skydiver was the last filly to win the Preakness. She did so in 2020.

Based on past history, it appears that Preakness is the best place for a filly to win. Six have crossed first at Pimlico, while three won at the Kentucky Derby and three at Belmont. They’re all running for the Woodlawn Trophy, which is 30 pounds of solid silver.

If you’re loving on long shots, check out Fenwick. His odds are 50-to-1, making him the official long shot.

Here’s What’s Unique About Race

Folks like to dress up for this race held in Baltimore. But unlike the Kentucky Derby, there’s no obsession with hats. There are some other Maryland-specific traditions. Fans will sing the state song before the race starts. If you’re sitting at home and want to feel like you are there, fix yourself a special cocktail. The Derby has the mint julep as its official adult beverage. Preakness lovers sip on a Black-Eyed Susan. It’s a mixture of bourbon, vodka, orange juice, and peach schnapps. Here’s a recipe. Since it has oranges in it, we must assume it’s healthy.

The winning horse receives a blanket made with Black-Eyed Susans, the Maryland state flower. And right after the race ends, someone will climb to the top of the Old Clubhouse. He’ll paint the weather vane in the color of the winning horse’s silks.