President Barack Obama Revealed as Guest for ManningCast on Monday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

There is going to be a major guest to start off the ManningCast on NFL Monday Night Football as President Barack Obama will join the show. Peyton and Eli Manning have made themselves a little niche with their simulcast series and this is likely their biggest get yet.

Of course, President Obama is a big sports fan, so going on the ManningCast is a no-brainer. Last week, the superstar brothers took a break from the show. This week they are back in full force. The Chicago Bears are heading to New England to face the Patriots.

You know that Obama had to be on to watch Chicago. Although the Bears are going to have a hard time on the road in Foxborough. Also on the list with Obama are Bill Burr and Vince Vaughn, a major week for the ManningCast as far as guests go.

Of course, the comedian Bill Burr is a Boston guy. He’s going to have to follow not just the Bears fan on the broadcast, but possibly the most famous Bears fan in the world. If you like the casual nature of the ManningCast then this seems like the perfect night to watch.

Barack Obama on the ManningCast

We’re going to get a great conversation between the Manning brothers and the former president. Each week the Mannings bring on a panel of guests and get the best out of them. Hearing from not just former players like Peyton and Eli, but to others outside of the NFL is great.

These guests make it feel like you’re watching the game with your buddies. Getting President Obama on the ManningCast will be a lot of fun.

Even if that isn’t your thing, getting Bill Burr and Vince Vaughn right after can’t hurt. Burr gets thousands of listens on his podcast and has amassed a fanbase of his own. Of course, Vaughn is a beloved actor and comedian as well.

Chicago. New England. Monday Night Football. It’s all going down tonight on ESPN. Get ready, Outsiders and let’s hope for a good game.