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President Biden Releases His Bracket for Men’s and Women’s March Madness

by Dustin Schutte
joe biden
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The picks are officially in from the White House. On Thursday afternoon, around the times the first games of March Madness tipped off, President Joe Biden released his selections to win the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournaments.

We won’t break down each game (because that would take an eternity) but we will look at some of the highlights. The biggest questions? Who does President Biden have reaching the Final Four in each tournament?

On the men’s side, Biden seems to be favoring the No. 2 seeds in the tournament. Here’s a look at his men’s Final Four, which will be played in Houston:

  • No. 2: Arizona
  • No. 2: Marquette
  • No. 2 Texas
  • No. 1 Kansas

Biden then has Arizona defeating Marquette and Kansas taking down Texas for matchup between the Wildcats and Jayhawks. He picked Arizona to win it all.

In the women’s bracket, Biden has more faith in the No. 1 seeds. His Final Four picks for March Madness:

  • No. 1: South Carolina
  • No. 1: Stanford
  • No. 4: Villanova
  • No. 2: UConn

Biden has South Carolina beating Stanford and Villanova upsetting UConn to set up a Gamecocks-Wildcats national championship contest. His winner is Villanova.

To close out his picks, Biden made it clear that “in this household – Villanova always wins.” His wife, Jill, attended Villanova.

Did Joe Biden Use the March Madness App?

Do presidents watch NCAA Tournament games through the March Madness app? We don’t really have an answer to that question, but if Joe Biden did resort to it, he might’ve been pretty frustrated with the result.

Several fans complained about experiencing technical difficulties throughout Thursday’s Round 1 action. It had to be incredibly annoying, as everyone looks forward to this weekend for an entire year.

College basketball fans took to Twitter to put CBS and the March Madness app on blast for the issues.

One fan asked if anyone else was experiencing technical difficulties from the app. Spoiler alert: he wasn’t alone in his complaint.

Another chimed in that the app struggled for most of the day. Not exactly the clutch start for March Madness or CBS that they wanted.

Fans use the app to watch college basketball rather than doing actual work on the first two days of the tournament. It failed so many Americans on Thursday. We can only hope the March Madness app gets some sort of reboot and we don’t have to go through the same frustrations again on Friday.