LOOK: Protester Catches Himself on Fire During Laver Cup Tennis Match

by Dustin Schutte

So far, this year’s Laver Cup has been, quite literally, “lit.” A protestor in attendance at the event stormed one of the courts, planted himself near the net and accidentally set himself on fire. That’s an actual thing that happened.

Friday’s Laver Cup match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman came to a pause when an apparent climate change protestor made his way to the playing surface. He then decided to ignite a fire — for whatever reason — setting himself aflame in the process.

Based on his reaction, it doesn’t appear that singing his arm hair appeared to be part of his plan. Security quickly approached the situation, putting out the fire and carrying the protester off the court.

It’s not really clear what the purpose of this protest was (is it ever?) but the individual wore a short with the message, “End UK private jets.” Per the New York Post, the shirt also contained a web address that discussed climate change and inaction.

This year’s Laver Cup marks the fifth edition of the event. It’s a tournament that runs from Sept. 23-25 and pits a European Team vs. a World Team.

Fans have been pretty fired up about this year’s event. Apparently, so was one protester.

Climate Change Protesters Interrupt Major Sporting Events

Climate change protesters aren’t exactly strangers to interrupting major sporting events. Over the summer, a group brought the Tour de France to a screeching halt after blocking a stretch of the course.

A group of climate activists chained themselves together and blocked the road during Stage 10 of the event. Those individuals wore shirts that said, “We have 989 days left.”

After a slight delay, authorities were able to clear the course and cyclists were able to complete the 10th stage of the 2022 Tour de France.